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Monday, August 01, 2022

Erika Lopez to leave KVUE Austin

Erika Lopez

Erika Lopez announced she is leaving her KVUE Austin chief meteorologist role in August 2022.

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Here is a portion of Lopez posted on Facebook:

"Aug 12th will be my last day on air and with KVUE! 

I have made this decision with full support from my husband and managers to allow me to focus on this cutie patootie of a baby, Odie. 

I’m beyond excited for this next chapter of my life and look forward to all of the exciting adventures ahead with my new little fam. 

Don’t know if this will be forever, but it’s what is best and will make me the happiest right now.

See y’all for 2 more weeks on KVUE!"

Speaking her baby, recently we saw Lopez do the KVUE weather with Odie!

Odie was born to Lopez and husband Otto Staudt (of the Staudt Brothers fame) in December 2021. Lopez did a great gender reveal on-air.

Lopez did two tour of duties at KVUE Austin.  

Austin television viewers first saw Lopez on Daybreak from 2017 to 2019.

Lopez then joined KHOU 11 which is KVUE's TEGNA Houston sister-station.  In Houston, Lopez was the noon and 4pm meteorologist. 

When Albert Ramon left KVUE for News Nation, Lopez returned to KVUE as chief meteorologist in 2020.

Prior to Austin, Lopez worked for Weather Nation out of Denver, Colorado.

The Arizona State University grad and Phoenix native got her start in the TV biz at KAVU Victoria.

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Erika Lopez interviewed by GMA's Ginger Zee

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