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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Six degrees of separation Houston TV style

A simple video of two KHOU staffers working at KAVU Victoria in the past sends McGuff on an obsessive quest to connect the dots - STOP HIM before he hurts himself!

KHOU 11 reporter Janelle Bludau went into the Newscenter 25 KAVU Victoria vault to pull out some old footage of her time anchoring there with current channel 11 meteorologist and colleague Erika Lopez.

This video probably would have been from around 2014 because that was the year the two overlapped at KAVU.

Bludau began her career as a web producer at the Victoria station but wrote in her bio she was quickly promoted to an on-air role. In this video, Bludau was the station's weekend anchor.

Lopez also appears to have started her TV career at KAVU where she worked as the station's weekend meteorologist and reporter during the week.

The duo would move on to other jobs - Bludau to CBS/NBC Duopoly KGPE/KSEE Fresno, Lopez to Weather Nation TV in Denver, CO.

In April 2019, they were brought back together by KHOU news director Sally Ramirez when Lopez came to Houston from KVUE Austin.

Now this type of thing can quickly become one of those six degrees of separation things minus the Bacon. I would imagine that abc13 KTRK morning consumer reporter Chelsey Hernandez was the KAVU morning anchor around this time too.

Oh...and another six degrees thing, Bludau was born and raised in Hallettsville, TX. What other famous Houston TV anchor was raised in the same town?

Give up?

The answer is 740 KTRH morning anchor (and former abc13 KTRK anchor) Shara Fryer!

OK, I need to stop there. This six degrees bit might start getting out of hand!

What if I start doing this to all the new hires?

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