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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Randy Beamer announces retirement from News 4 San Antonio WOAI

Randy Beamer, the legendary News 4 San Antonio WOAI 5, 6, 6:30 and 10pm anchor, announced he is retiring Friday, March 5, 2021 after more than 30 years in San Antonio. 

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"After 41 years in TV news (seriously), I'm finally retiring," Beamer posted on Facebook.  "Though I'm NOT dead.  And I'm NOT leaving San Antonio. I have at least another 41 years worth of all kinds of stuff I'm planning to do. Thanks to ALL of you for all the kind words. I really, really appreciate it."

Beamer is an anchor who still likes to grab a camera and shoot his own stories according to his bio.  That line must make news managers at other stations drool in jealousy in today's MMJ fueled world!

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Clearly a journalist who hasn't fallen out of love of chasing a story, Beamer has covered stories in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Sri Lanka.

“He would grab his own camera, he would shoot his own stuff," former News 4 Trouble Shooter Jeff Coyle told the station in 2019.  "He'd come back and dig through the archives to put some historical context to it. And I remember my colleagues and I gathering around the TV in the newsroom because we wanted to see Beamer's stories. They were always so well done."

Beamer has the awards to prove it.  Beamer has nine EMMY Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award and Texas Associated Press Broadcasters honors.

"What many people don’t know is how devoted he is as a father to four incredible children,” said Sinclair San Antonio News Director Mandi Mendoza on the station's website.

"A lot of our team has looked up to Randy as a leader and proud dad of the newsroom. You know him as Randy. He is and will always be "Beamer” to us. His humor, kindness and workhorse mentality are going to be missed.”

"I remember one time, he left a card on my desk. And I had just a terrible week," former WOAI anchor Jacqueline Ortiz told the station in 2019. "But on the card, it read: ‘Play On.’ And it had a piano, a picture of a piano. And those words at that moment meant so much to me. And they still ring true to this day."

"After 30 years, Randy’s credentials and achievements are numerous as are his fans," Sinclair San Antonio Vice President and General Manager Dean Radla said on the WOAI website. "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy for a significant portion of his career and I’ll forever be grateful to him for being such a terrific ambassador for News 4 and Sinclair San Antonio. All the best to Randy and his family!"

While WOAI employees won't find Beamer in the newsroom until midnight anymore, they will probably still see him making appearances and helping out the San Antonio community. 

"Truth is, Randy Beamer has a MENSA I.Q.," WOAI sports director Don Harris posted on Facebook. "Whenever he walks into a room, he is automatically the smartest guy in it. So he often suggests to the lighting guy how to light, to directors and producers how do direct and produce, and to photographers how to shoot.  

"As he reads this copy he is noticing where I left out a comma here or mistakenly added one there. Truth is, we should all listen to the suggestions. It is the reason our news product is so good and why Beamer is so revered. He wants to be first, but he wants to be accurate more than anything else. He wants to get it right."

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