Thursday, January 07, 2021

Dominique Sachse tests positive for COVID-19

Dominique Sachse posted to YouTube about her battle with COVID-19.

Many of my readers have been emailing me about the popular KPRC 2 anchor's absence in the last few weeks.

Houston media members affected by COVID-19

Normally, I would say it was just vacation time, but these days you never know.

Now we get the bad news that Sachse and her family tested positive.

The good news is that her symptoms are mild.

Right now, Sachse is quarantined on her home's third floor, away from the rest of the household.

Here is a partial transcript from Sachse's 17 minute COVID-19 message video:

"I feel very grateful that our symptoms, for the most part are pretty mild. For me, I feel like I've got more of a head cold than anything. No real fever to speak of at all. I think one time it hit 99 and that's it.

And just sort of a tickle in the back of the throat and just it just stuffiness. More than anything, malaise, just sleeping. Oh my gosh, all I want to do is sleep."

Sachse's husband, Nick Florescu, also is battling COVID.  She reports that he's had more of a productive cough than she has. Plus, he has had more of a fever.  

She reports their kids are resilient and will bounce back quickly.

As for future YouTube videos for her 1.36 million subscribers, Sachse has lots of ideas, but they will have to wait till her symptoms go away:

"My head is spinning with ideas to be able to present to you as I'm feeling better. But I just wanted to just let you know where things are. I don't I don't produce my videos very far in advance because I changed my look so much that it would everything would just be out of sync and out of order.

If I were one of those who produced her videos say, you know, a month out and then I look a certain way, but now I don't. And yet it's confusing because on social media, you see current. And anyway, so I like to put this wonderful stress on myself of actually shooting week of and airing on Thursday.

So usually Tuesday is my shoot day and Tuesday was the day that I got my positive result for COVID. So that took care of that."

Courtney Zavala and Darby Douglas dealing with COVID-19 


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