Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Is my professor a Houston TV meteorologist?

The other day I posted a story about a Houston TV meteorologist who was mistaken for a famous comedian, now here is one who you might think you see lecturing college students...oh wait...he really is a teaching at the university level!

You watch KPRC meteorologist Justin Stapleton on channel 2, but before he jumps into your TV, he is a University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) science lecturer.

Here is more from Cynthia Gonzales, Manager of Electronic Communications at UHD:

By day he’s a science lecturer at the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) and by night and weekends, he’s the witty, crazy sock-wearing weatherman from KPRC Channel 2.

That’s right Gators, Lecturer Justin Stapleton has been teaching Introduction to Meteorology for non-science majors at UHD for the past three years—a gig he truly enjoys. And it’s apparent when you see him teach and interact with his students.

On the day UHD News attended class, Stapleton was lecturing on thunderstorms. He typically will plan his lecture based on the local and national weather forecasts—on this day he lectured on both the thunderstorms Houston was experiencing and the wildfires in California.

“It gives the students a real-world opportunity to see someone that uses this material not just in an academic setting,” Stapleton said. “I feel like I can bring in this and say here’s how I use it every day.”

Stapleton’s students don’t realize he is a television meteorologist until later in the semester.

“Most of my students don’t know because I don’t think they watch a lot of television,” said Stapleton.

I had a chance to meet Stapleton at the LCAHouston winter issue cover reveal party last December. Nice guy. Unfortunately you can't see his wild socks in our photo.

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