Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Where is Lisa Vaughn of Fox 26?

Lisa Vaughn exits FOX 26 KRIV

Lisa Vaughn returns to FOX 26 KRIV

UPDATE JULY 21, 2017
Lisa Vaughn took to Instagram stories and posted the following message:

"Thank you for asking peeps. I will be back to work in August. much love, Lisa."

Where is FOX 26 meteorologist Lisa Vaughn?

FOX 26 meteorologist Lisa Vaughn

When certain FOX 26 personalities go missing there is a Houston TV viewer APB put out.

I'm beginning to think some KRIV viewers get together and form search parties. They get rescue Collies and play them recordings of the anchor or weather person's voice.

"Lassie...where is [fill in FOX 26 talent name]? Go find her girl..."


I've already had headlines like Where is FOX 26's Mike Iscovitz? and Where is Jose Grinan of FOX 26?

The latest search party has formed for meteorologist Lisa Vaughn. Viewers are hitting me up, asking where is Lisa? Is she still at KRIV?

Call off the search parties and give Lassie a bowl of's really hot in Houston these days after all...because I have the answer.

A rep with FOX Television Station was nice enough to respond to my questions during the holiday to tell me Vaughn, "didn't leave the station."

That is all I know right now.

Is Vaughn taking leave to work on a fall fashion line since she's been getting press for her dress making?

Is she on vacation?

I don't know.

What I do know is that I'm going to stop blogging for a while. Don't worry, it won't be as long as my spring break. There are too many things going on in the Houston media that no one is talking about yet that I have to tell you about!

Lisa Vaughn returns to FOX 26 KRIV

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