Friday, April 20, 2018

Lisa Vaughn exits FOX 26 KRIV

Meteorologist Lisa Vaughn is no longer with FOX 26 KRIV

Meteorologist Lisa Vaughn has left FOX 26 KRIV a station representative has confirmed to I hear her last day was April 16th.

The Spring, TX native returned to her hometown area in 2016 from WPTV West Palm Beach, Florida.

Vaughn certainly seemed to resonate with Houston viewers in her two years with the local FOX Television Stations property.

I never wrote about her fashion designing skills, but Yahoo and other outlets did.

Personally I was more impressed with her academic background.

As I wrote when Vaughn started at KRIV, not only does she forecast the weather, but she also is a computer programmer utilizing the 'R' software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Normally I would say here is her resume, but maybe I should really say here is her CV:
Master's of Geosciences, Mississippi State University
Master's of Statistics, Rice University
BS Mathematics, University of Houston

Vaughn used her public position to encourage girls to enter the STEM fields by merging her science and fashion interests.

“I want girls and women to know that you can be a scientist and still do “so-called” “feminine” things," Vaughn wrote on her personal website. "You can wear makeup, fix your hair, wear dresses, wear press-on nails and paint ‘em red with glitter. You can be a great cook or even sew your own clothes. I think girls will be more likely to want to enter STEM fields if the stigma is removed – That science is ‘boring’ – that you have to be “serious” all the time. You have to be nerdy. You make toy robots as a side hobby. I consider myself a scientist and I have multiple math and science degrees, but I refuse to be placed into a box of stereotypes. 'You gotta look and act a certain nerdy way' – I’ve heard 'no one will take you seriously in a dress' *gasp*."

Last summer, FOX 26 viewers were contacting me like crazy trying to find out why Vaughn disappeared from their TV screens. I first wrote a post in July noting her absence. She returned to the station in September. We never learned the reason for the off time.

Vaughn got her start in TV at WJTV Jackson, MS.

As we wait to see where Vaughn shows up next, Dr. Jim Siebert, John Dawson and Mike Iskovitz will handle the weekend morning and other Vaughn duties.

Say goodbye to Lisa Vaughn here.

Since you are here for a Houston TV news departure post, it should be noted we learned channel 13 weekend anchor Natasha Barrett left her station last week.

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