Sunday, March 06, 2016

Lisa Vaughn joins FOX 26

New FOX 26 KRIV freelance meteorologist Lisa Vaughn is a real brainiac

Lisa Vaughn

Former WPTV West Palm Beach meteorologist and native Houstonian Lisa Vaughn made her FOX 26 KRIV debut Saturday night. I mentioned her original move to Houston back in December in my media job moves report.

And today was Lindsey Day's last day at FOX 26. I've been told she did not mention her departure on air.

Back to Vaughn, just looking at her resume makes me feel dumb:
Master's of Geosciences, Mississippi State University
Master's of Statistics, Rice University
BS Mathematics, University of Houston

Oh and get this...on top of those accomplishments, she also knows computer programming.

"I have written Excel VBA macros that automatically update weather variables (sunrise, sunset, lake levels etc)," Vaughn said. "I wrote a program in R, Excel, and Outlook (combined) to auto-update my twitter during severe weather. I also wrote a program that picks America’s “Most Humid Cities” every day. It ranks them and then tweets them out. While I sleep!"

According to her bio, in 1994, remnants of Hurricane Rosa caused devastating flood for Vaughn's family. Their home was flooded and they were forced to evacuate. This storm sparked her weather interest.

Vaughn spent the last year and a half in West Palm Beach. She got her TV start at WJTV in Jackson, MS.

A rep with FOX Television Stations tells me Vaughn is a freelancer for KRIV at this time.


  1. She sounds like a brainiac! I watched her forecast Sunday night, I think she's the most well-spoken meteorogist here.

  2. She'll have a good time at Fox 26!

  3. Big question is whether she's using Fox 26 as a stepping stone!

  4. She's the real deal...the whole pkg. Beauty, brains and personality. Doubt she'll stay at FOX 26 cause she's better than most of the mets in town.

  5. She's great very good addition to the morning show

  6. I love Lisa Vaughn, and I'm really impressed with her credentials...but whats with the sudden vampy look? Hair extensions, sexier clothing, more makeup..? It's disappointing seeing someone so competent have to dress that way for ratings...We have enough Chitas in local news...jeez...


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