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Monday, August 08, 2016

Where was KTRK abc13's morning newscast 8-8-2016?

Did KTRK abc13's morning newscast sleep in today?

I woke up this morning to lots of emails about KTRK abc13's morning newscast...or lack thereof. It appears the usual 4:30 am news didn't come on the air until 6am this morning. Instead, channel 13 was showing ABC News programming.

When the news did come on air, it apparently was a very simplified version of itself. Fill-in anchors Jeff Ehling and Natasha Barrett were on screen together the whole time (no single shots).

A check on the station's social media accounts reveals it was having "technical difficulties." Aren't computers and new technology fun when they all crash?

BTW, meteorologist Travis Herzog says Tom Koch returns tomorrow. Bet he is glad he missed this day.

Get used to this stuff, it happens at all the Houston TV stations now. In the old days, people at machines ran newscasts. Now everything is run by computer. One problem can take down everything.

A quick look through my blog archives finds this has happened before.

In 2013, when KTRK was converting to the digital age, we saw newscasts coming on late a few times. After a few times, Dave Ward got fed up with the issues and apologized to his viewers on air.

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