Tuesday, March 04, 2014

KTRK abc13 10pm election coverage preempted by commercials & 'Inside Edition'

'Technical difficulties' cancel most of KTRK abc13's 10pm Texas primary election coverage

As I was returning from the opening of Rodeo Houston tonight, I was getting deluged by KTRK abc13 viewers asking what's going on with the ABC owned station's Texas primary coverage at 10pm. Not only that, I'm sure the crummy weather had people tuning in too.

On an aside, I would like to thank Ford and its new series of King Ranch F150, F350 and Expedition vehicles for a great time at the rodeo. The brand new F150 King Ranch design will hit dealers by the end of the year. For you techies out there, check out the USB, SD and line-in slots I found in the King Ranch Expedition!

Multiple reports on social media and alerted me the station ran 15 minutes of promos, then started running Inside Edition. Around 10:20pm, an abbreviated newscast cut into Inside Edition. The anchors apparently said technical difficulties were to blame for the delayed start.

The station took to Facebook to explain the situation.

We're experiencing technical difficulties on right now and are working to get Eyewitness News on shortly.

Naturally KTRK viewers jumped on the station's Facebook page to have a little fun:

"Guess Wayne and Bob Allen finally sabotage the station. Lol"

"You interrupted Inside Edition"

KTRK had other instances of technical troubles in 2013. One newscast in that time period ended with anchor Dave Ward apologizing to viewers for a "train wreck" of a newscast [WATCH THE VIDEO].

So the number one question I get: Why is this kind of thing happening? Obviously I was not there and no one officially will ever tell me, but I can point out to recent technological advances [ahem] that have hit the TV industry.

Many stations, like KTRK, have started using automation systems. This means that a computer, not a human, is actually directing the newscasts, turning on/off the microphones, inserting graphics, playing the video clips...etc. This means a bunch of computer systems from different companies have to talk and work together. So when 10pm newscasts fail to air, you can probably look to the rise of the machines.

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  1. Just read that the same thing happened last night at a CBS station in San Diego. These problems are constant on channel 13 and it's embarrassing they need to get their shit together!

  2. What's the point of being Houston's Number 1 news station when they can't even operate their own equipment. This is not an uncommon occurrence for 13.

    1. That is why they are no longer number one.

    2. Meant to be ironic

  3. oh, they aren't number one anymore, probably won't be for a while

  4. Ch 13 seems to have way WAY more than their share of these gaffes. It's pass being amusing or a little comical and just down right sad. They look like a small town, small college run station. Ch 2 is a distant second in this and I don't see it much on Ch 11.

  5. This is a management problem. I've heard they've let their best people go so that the bosses can save money and get those bonus checks at the end of the year. Congratulations Channel 13. You have driven your station straight into the ground.

  6. If I was the top dog at Ch. 13, the first thing I would do is get rid of that ugly logo they currently have. Replacing that with the old Circle 13 logo from 1971 and then changing that horrible news theme music with the Fox O&O News Music Package of 1986.

  7. For the record, I have an alibi and dozens of witnesses who used to watch 13 . I was in Hempstead last night, celebrating the election where taxpayers staged a political revolution to vote out the public officials who kept secrets from them. That’s what journalism should be about.
    I am sure there is a large list of very talented former 13 employees who are better potential suspects than little old me.
    I also have a good idea where my buddy Bob Allen was. On TV…where he belongs…. at Channel 11.

    Wayne Dolcefino
    President Dolcefino Communications

  8. Ouch! Just saw the overnights. KTRK beat CH2 last night at 10pm with a 4.3 to KPRC's 4.2. That's gotta hurt when you get beat on election night by 20 minutes of promos. So much for all the KPRC smack talk about being #1.

  9. If it is indeed computers, then they need to go back to the way it was, these technical difficulties are becoming ridiculous.

  10. Here are the election night numbers:
    HOUSEHOLDS- KHOU 8.5, KTRK 4.3, KPRC 4.2
    25-54 DEMO- KHOU 2.7, KTRK 2.5, KPRC 1.9
    35-64 DEMO- KHOU 5.8, KTRK 3.0, KPRC 3.0

  11. KTRK is increasingly turning from news leader to constant embarrassment. The technical difficulties such as this, as well as constant problems with direction, cameras, graphics, and errors needs to be corrected. It makes the newscast looks very juvenile, not anything like a major market station should be having. Also, the journalism and professionalism of the talents, especially among some of the younger staff (and one particular error-prone foot-in-mouth 'veteran' anchor) is becoming unacceptable and reasons to simply turn ABC13 off. A sad situation for what used to be a great station.

    1. Sedrick, which is why I would bring back the old Circle 13 logo of 1971.

      I'd also fix up their news set, make it similar to the 1986 version of Fox 26, who had theirs with expanded downtown skyline.

  12. How in the world did KHOU do that well? Lead in?

    1. People who turned to them after they realized that Channel 13 wasn't on air.

    2. If a game or technical difficulties are causing KTRH to not be on at its regular time, my go to is KHOU, NEVER KPRC.


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