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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FOX 26's Michelle Merhar announces baby #3

Viewers who were asking on Facebook were right, FOX 26 anchor & Traffic Authority Michelle Merhar is expecting

Michelle Merhar
Michelle Merhar
Instead of just scripts and coffee, this morning on the FOX 26 KRIV news set, there was a teddy bear, pickles, cookies, chips and baby bottles!

The secret is out, anchor and Traffic Authority Michelle Merhar is pregnant with baby numero three.

"We don't know the gender yet, I don't know if we are going to find out yet, I don't know I kinda want to be surprised," an excited Merhar said.

Baby #3 arrives in July to meet Merhar's other kids Abby, 2, and James, 18 months.

"Hoo-wee you are going to have your hands full," added co-anchor Tom Zizka.

"We're doing the no sleep thing all at once, we're trying to knock it all out," replied Merhar.

I don't even really need to go into the current Houston TV baby wave we're in again. As you can tell from the links below, I'm going to busy in the next few months with birth announcements. But I can confidently say this, I will be nowhere as busy as the folks having kids!

Personally I am out of the baby phase of my life. It is now the beginning of the driving one here, one there, this birthday party, that birthday party, this sports activity, that sports activity. Get this, in the month of January we had birthday parties each Saturday and Sunday of the last two weeks.

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Fox 26 Meteorologist Mike Iscovitz, Jose Grinan FOX 26 Tom Zizka on Fox 26 Michelle Merhar FOX 26 Traffic Authority sit on set with a teddy bear, pickles, cookies, chips and.... BABY Bottles!Hmmm. Guess who's having a baby?!?!?! See big announcement here
Posted by FOX 26 Houston on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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