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Monday, January 04, 2016

TV anchors deliver and announce baby

KTRK abc13's Rebecca Spera delivers, while KPRC 2's Lauren Freeman announces baby #4!

Rebecca Spera
Rebecca Spera
At the beginning of December, KPRC 2's Amy Davis returned from maternity leave, while KHOU 11's Grace White took it, and later on there was more Houston TV baby activity.

First up, KTRK abc13 afternoon traffic anchor Rebecca Spera announced the birth of her son!

"Introducing Gray James," Spera wrote. "He's named after the very special men in our families that we love so much."

Look for his name to be on the back of an LSU jersey one day! Spera and husband Eric Valentino were married in Galveston earlier in 2015.

Next up is KPRC 2 anchor Lauren Freeman who I assumed was pregnant from watching what was in my most read posts section.

Lauren Freeman
Lauren Freeman
One my old posts about Freeman expecting a child jumped to the top of the charts as curious viewers were hitting Google to find out more on her apparent bump.

If you are self conscious do yourself a favor and never become a female television news anchor. 

Those TV news viewers seem to notice everything!

"Many of you have asked...we are expecting baby boy #4 in April," Freeman wrote. "We are thrilled!"

I just post this and find out KTRK abc13 morning anchor Samica Knight is pregnant too! Oh and get this, I also heard another anchor is pregnant rumor...stay tuned.

Well, I've been meaning to tell you something. Lol!Facebook Family ... My husband and I are expecting! We're so excited!

Posted by ABC13-Samica Knight on Monday, January 4, 2016

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Many of you have asked...we are expecting baby boy #4 in April. We are thrilled!
Posted by KPRC2 Lauren Freeman on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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