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Monday, January 25, 2016

WFAA's Mike Castellucci makes iPhone shot show sequel

WFAA's Mike Castellucci is back with his phone and emotional storytelling in Phoning It In: Life on an iPhone

I just finished watching Phoning It In: Life on an iPhone by WFAA 8's Mike Castellucci up in the Dallas-Fort Worth TV market. This is the sequel to last year's Phoning It In, which as you might guess by the titles, are both entirely shot on iPhones. Go see how many 2015 Lone Star Emmy Awards the first show won.

Don't let that the phone camera thing scare you off. It still looks great. I wrote last year, this could be where TV news is heading.

Once you start watching though, you'll forget about the phone thing for the most part because Castellucci's storytelling skills overshadow that part. The shot composition, interviewing, writing and editing are all superb. What...actual emotion in a TV news story? How novel.

WFAA iPhone show host Mike Castellucci talks how he did it; plus advice on how you can do it

Mike Castellucci
Mike Castellucci
Castellucci tells me my 2015 post on the first show made that sucker go viral. In fact, he even went on to participate in a European mobile journalism conference.

"The main reason I wanted to do another one was to stretch to see if I could make it even better," Castellucci told "You know what they say about sequels-never as good as the originals. But if I’m to believe my boss, she said that’s not the case with PHONING IT IN: Life on an iPhone. She liked it even more than the first."

Since I wrote this post last year, I would suggest journos taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6. I bought one and find the camera and video to be outstanding. Maybe even better than the iPhone. I've ditched my pro-cameras and have started using the S6 to take photos for my blog.

Now before TV stations begin to throw away their pro TV biz cameras for phones, as I wrote before, you have to find folks as talented as Castellucci to use them. From what I see out there, Castellucci is part of a dying breed.

If you can't see the embedded video above on your mobile, click here.

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