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Monday, August 25, 2014

Why is Sharron Melton a KTRK abc13 'field anchor' now?

Sharron Melton becomes a KTRK abc13 "field anchor?"

***UPDATE MAY 06, 2015***
- Sharron Melton exits KTRK abc13
- Sharron Melton's future after KTRK abc13: We have a clue

This Sharron Melton post is my top post of 2014 and now of all time

Sharron Melton
Sharron Melton
I'm still on a blogging break but a KTRK abc13 development has brought me back for one quick post.

All I gotta say is I'm receiving a ton of emails, tweets and Facebook messages about KTRK abc13 anchor Sharron Melton.

Angry viewers are wondering why Melton has been removed from the morning anchor desk and is now reporting in the field during the morning news (today marks week 2). Heck, even members of the media are writing me to find out the deal.

And get wife received an email asking me to get blogging again just to post something about Melton.

On the air, Melton is being called a "field anchor." That is not a term I'm familiar with. Apparently no one else knows what it means either. So let's define it as someone who is still technically called an anchor, but for some reason now reports from the field.

Melton isn't talking either. As you might imagine, I am not the only one getting a ton of queries as to where the popular morning anchor has been. Melton is getting lots of questions on Twitter and Facebook but she is keeping mum and just pumping out news items.

I think people are asking me the deal to find out if she did something wrong on air. No, I am not aware of any misdeed on Melton's part.

Really, I think we should look at the bigger picture. KPRC has been sending over press releases at the end of every TV rating sweeps periods declaring wins in the mornings since last November (February & May here). That means KPRC is beating, or close to beating, the once unbeatable KTRK morning newscast. In the past, it was true that you could add up the other Houston stations' ratings and not equal the mighty 13 morning ratings.  I told you last year there was already one abc13 morning change and there would be more (the Melton move could be the more with even more on the way).

In Melton's studio anchor absence, weekend morning anchor Samica Knight has been doing the fill-in job. Will she take over permanently? We'll just have to watch for now I guess to get that answer.

And as I've told people who have written in, we could see Melton back on the news desk tomorrow for all we know. If the ratings go down, I'm sure management will have Melton back reading the prompter again.

It's not the only move at KTRK. They have hired some new reporters and moved an executive producer from nights to weekends.

I think we'll see even more changes once a new news director shows up at the station.

Besides Melton, I'm getting a lot of questions on where I have been and if I'm OK. Glad to report everything is fine.  Thanks for the concern.

 As I stated before, I am working on a bunch of other stuff I will tell you about later when I can. I'm also still chugging along with the 101 KLOL documentary writing. Hope to be back after Labor Day. If you want me back sooner, like my Facebook page. If I jump up a couple hundred likes, I will start posting sooner than later!

***UPDATE MAY 06, 2015***

Sharron Melton exits KTRK abc13

- Where has KTRK 13 anchor Sharron Melton been?
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