Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Samica Knight promoted as new KTRK abc13 anchor; Katie McCall to report

Samica Knight plays switch-a-roo with Katie McCall to become new KTRK abc13 weekend morning anchor

Katie McCall exits KTRK abc13

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This post is brought to you by my son throwing up in the car last night so that means we're going to make this post a fast one and there might be fewer posts the rest of the week.

Young people coming up in the broadcast business say things are not official until they appear in I appreciate the compliment, but the following is official because it was added to the newscast open.

It's been coming for weeks, and now KTRK abc13 reporter Samica Knight is the new weekend morning co-anchor for longtime staffer Elissa Rivas.

Knight returned to KTRK in 2010 as a reporter (she had interned at the ABC owned station in the mid-2000s). Before that she worked at WHP CBS 21 in Harrisburg, PA, KXXV Waco and KSAN San Angelo.

Since Knight arrived at KTRK, I've heard she would be a rising star and her quick elevation in job status proves that. Will she be a main anchor at the station in a few years? (See what I did, if that happens in the future, then I can claim I predicted it years ago. If not, no one will remember my prediction anyway.)

As for Katie McCall, who has been anchoring in that spot since 2009, I hear she wants to have normal weekday hours, so that's when you'll find her reporting from now on.

McCall returned to Houston after working at CBS owned Chicago station WBBM. Before that Houston viewers will remember her time at Channel 39 KHCW KIAH.

Let me pull a psychic moment like Shawn Spencer on USA's Psych (Don't you think actor James Roday could play Jim Morrison in a biopic?) and predict I could be updating this post by the end of the year.

Katie McCall exits KTRK abc13

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Knight and Rivas laughing at the open of the last Sunday's 6am that they are featuring a story on the Houston Texans' announcer when the Texans are not yet playing.

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