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Thursday, March 21, 2013

93Q tribute celebrates John Lander and top 40 1980s radio

93Q's John Lander and top 40 music love fest on

Remember the Rock 101 KLOL tribute site I wrote about last July?  Well, I have learned it planted seeds in another Houston radio fan's mind.

Joe [no last name given] tells me he has started a 93Q/79Q tribute site that celebrates when KKBQ was a top 40 station in the 80s.

Back then in the decade of excess, 93Q and Power 104 KRBE battled it out to bring us the latest Madonna and new wave hits of the day. John Lander and the Q Morning Zoo dominated mornings in Houston (against Glenn Beck at 104 KRBE). I remember being excited when the Tookie Bird visited my school! And Club 6400 took the Richmond Strip by storm playing wild music that freaked out parents.

[WATCH: 93Q and the Q Morning Zoo with John Lander TV commercial]

I asked Joe, who works in the legal field, some questions about his site and he sent back answers that flowed so well together, I'm just giving them to you as is. Clearly this tribute site is a passion project if I've ever seen one:

"Back in the early 80s, Houston radio was a wasteland of boring garbage. Then along came 79Q -- a station so entertaining that folks were willing to endure the poor sound quality of the AM band == not to mention all the sizzling/crackling every time a thunderstorm came along -- just to hear good music and entertaining personalities. And, of course, a year later they added 93Q. (FM - "No Static At All.")

KKBQ was more than just a radio station. John Lander brought some kind of indescribable magic to the airwaves of Houston. It was fun to listen, entertaining -- it made me HAPPY! I had a Sony Walkman and 93Q went with me EVERYWHERE! When call in contests would come on, I'd rush to the nearest payphone and start dialing. I still have my collection of T-Shirts and the Q Zoo greatest hits album autographed by John Lander and Jackie Robbins.

When John Lander departed Houston, management at KKBQ tried to save the format, but never could duplicate the magic. When the format flipped to rock, it was a depressing time. I was no longer a listener by the time it went country, but it felt like a slap in the face. For all of us who remember the original format, just associating the name 93Q with redneck music is BLASPHEMY!

Now, here in 2013, Houston radio is even worse than the early 80s. Thus, last year It really caught my interest when some guy put up a website and a stream on dedicated to Rock 101 KLOL. KLOL was a good station, but it doesn't even come close to the greatness of 93Q. Over the last few months I've been going through my tapes and records. My computers skills are somewhat limited, but the motivation is strong."

I remember being upset by the switch too, although I've read the station had a ratings decline at the end. After the ephemeral rock phase, KKBQ eventually switched formats to "Easy Country" and then to standard country where it has stayed with success to this day.

If all this makes you want to hear Scritti Politti or Peter Gabriel, there is also streaming music on the site through Live365 from the classic 93Q era.

Joe is not finished with websites though. As a tribute to his friend Kim Fullilove, a Power 104 KRBE Dj who was murdered, he has built

Believe it or not, this is not the first 93Q tribute site I've written about.

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