Monday, March 18, 2013

93Q alerts you when your favorite song is playing with Q On Demand

You'll hear listener complaints that FM radio station's don't always keep up with technology, but some Houston radio stations are trying to change that.

Starting today, 93Q KKBQ is offering Q On Demand. The radio station's audience will have a chance to choose their favorite songs and get texted or emailed when they are coming on the air.

KKBQ's Cox Media Group owned sister station 107.5 The Eagle KGLK (and 106.9) has already been experimenting with another high tech way to reach out to the audience. The 3 o'clock pick me up turns the station over to the audience at 3pm. Listeners go to the station's site and pick music from an expanded list of songs.

Houston Cox Media Group Vice President/Market Manager Mark Krieschen tells that the company has been excited by the feedback from KGLK's 3pm segment and is looking forward to the reaction from KKBQ's new Q On Demand.

Krieschen tells me a Cox station in Tampa, WSUN 97X is programmed by the audience throughout the day.

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