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Monday, June 28, 2010

Former TV weatherman and Bachelorette contestant Jonathan Novack to hit Houston comedy clubs

There is a 100% chance that former KPRC 2 weatherman and current ABC The Bachelorette/future Bachelor Pad sensation Jonathan Novack will be performing at Houston comedy clubs. posted an unedited transcript between Mr. Novack and reporters. Novack goes into a lot about ABC's The Bachelorette but I am skipping those parts (click above link to read a lot more). I'm only reposting the parts about TV news and Houston comedy clubs.

Paulette Cohn: So, you’re a public figure anyway, you’re a weatherman, what has the reaction been like when you went back home.

Jonathan Novack: It’s really funny, I've been doing the weather here in Houston for three years and I don’t really get recognized very much. I’m on like one episode of The Bachelorette and now everybody is coming up to me after one episode, and I thought it was hilarious, I’m like don’t you people watch the news? I guess not.

So that’s been kind of interesting. I think overall it’s been pretty positive. People have been saying, “oh we were rooting for you, we were pulling for you,” and I just finished up in my station here at the NBC affiliate so my contract ran down so I’m not there anymore and people saying that they miss me doing the weather and come back to channel 2, come back to NBC and all this stuff, but in general it’s all been positive. No milkshakes thrown at me like in the movie the weather man so that’s good.


David Barron: Fine thanks, there aren’t of network affiliate jobs in the top ten markets and you were able to work your way to one and then you gave it up. How do you feel about your decision to leave the KPRC, would you want to return to television news and do you believe that that career path might have been impacted by your decision to reality shows?

Jonathan Novack: No, I don’t think the show had anything to do; it didn’t have anything to do with my contract. That was honestly my plan whether or not I made it on the show, I was looking to move on and up. So I mean I don’t regret that, I that’s just how I've always kind of been. My first station I left after 3 years, Miami I left after my first contract was up, and I mean weekend weather is great, but I want to do more than that.

So, I know if I stay here, while I love Houston, it may not be the best decision professionally for me. So I know they're few and far between for the jobs and so I’m hoping if I, hopefully I'll find something and if not then I don’t. I mean there's, I’m the kind of guy it’s like let’s go with it and see what happens, and my decisions that I make at the time are what I think are the best decisions, and I can just only hope that something good will come of it.

David Barron: So, you said you’re doing nights in town before you leave here or what ...

Jonathan Novack: Yes I was just, there's a little thing over at Davenport on Tuesday night. There's one at Monday night, I forget where it is but my friend who is a comic around town, he invited me to, and so it might be the last, I don’t know if it’s the Last Stop or not, but there's a few places in town I’m going to start hitting up here in the next couple of months, getting back into it.

I'm going to start writing comedy bits for Jonathan right here. First joke for free:

"So, anyone watch The Bachelorette on ABC13? [audience applauds] Well, I was a contestant on that show... [more audience applause] Yeah, the first time I saw Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky there was a 100% chance of perspiration on my part. [audience oohs] Yeah I took her hand off camera, looked into her eyes said, 'I think there is a warm front in my pants.' [rim shot sound effect off stage]. Hey, thanks for the support folks, make sure to tip your servers!" [massive applause]

For real though, someone needs to find out where he is performing, record it on video, upload it ot the Internet and let me know the link!

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