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Monday, June 21, 2010

Former weatherman Jonathan Novack continues in reality TV

I predict a Jonathan Novack front to cover the nation very soon! What am I talking about? Well, former KPRC weatherman and ABC The Bachelorette contestant is going to be on another reality TV show!

In the Bachelor Pad (also to air on ABC), Novack will live with other The Bachelorette contestants as well as some of the lady contestants from The Bachelor. Sounds like another show I will not watch.

Don't think life in the Bachelor Pad will be all beer pong and nudie magazine posters (there have to be things for the male contestants to do after all). No, this is a cut throat pad where house mates stop being polite and start getting voted off at the end of each episode.

Honestly at first I did not realize there would be females in the house. I thought the show was mixing The Bachelorette contestants with the actual guys from The Bachelor hence the name Bachelor Pad (you know where guys live together).

Then I read how the executive producer of the new show said, "All these people have been friends, been enemies, they date each other and bring all this great backstory to the show. It seemed like there was an opportunity to combine that world with a new competitive reality show."

I was like whoa! There really is an untold show going on here!

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  1. "The Weatherman" is crazy. What grown man would go on national television and admit he has a small "package." Come on Novack. He has issues.

  2. What? HIs package is small? Well that's certainly good news if he uses USPS instead of FedEx.

  3. He is better suited for reality TV. The last report from him I saw, he predicted a sunny day with a high of 65. It actually rained all day with a high of 40. I don't expect 100% accuracy, but you should at least try and come close.

  4. Can't believe he left a great, respectible, steady job with a future to follow in the has-been hoofsteps of Omarosa, Octomess and Kate-Monster. Sad.


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