Monday, November 28, 2016

KPRC 2 claims top spot in November 2016 sweeps

Station Wins Newscasts in Every Daypart

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I told you when former KTRK abc13 news director Dave Strickland joined KPRC 2 in the same capacity last summer that the Houston TV news wars would officially heat up.

And the first battle was pretty decisive.

Over the last few years, channel 2 has been doing well in all the newscasts, inching up the charts. Now the station can basically crown itself the overall winner (I noticed 4am and 5am were not listed). I also got word that KTRK has been slipping in the digital realm according to TVSpy and numbers I have seen.

Here is the official press release KPRC 2 sent me concerning Houston November 2016 sweeps:

Houston, TX: KPRC 2 News had a terrific November, with ratings wins in all key time periods. KPRC Channel 2 won the target Adult 25-54 demographic Monday-Friday at 6am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 10pm.

At 6:00am, KPRC 2 News Today with Owen Conflenti, Rachel McNeill, Jennifer Reyna, Britta Merwin and Amy Davis scored the win:

KPRC 1.5
KTRK 1.4
KRIV 1.0
KHOU 0.6

At 11:00am, KPRC 2 News Midday won by the following margin:

KPRC 0.7
KTRK 0.6
KRIV 0.5 (The Real)
KHOU 0.5 (The Young & The Restless)

At 12:00pm, KPRC 2 News at Noon outpaced the competition by 60%:

KPRC 0.8
KHOU 0.5
KTRK 0.5 (The Chew)
KRIV 0.4

At 4:00pm, KPRC 2 News at 4 took the top spot:

KPRC 0.9
KHOU 0.8
KTRK 0.8
KRIV 0.8 (Judge Judy)

At 5:00pm, KPRC 2 News at 5 was first:

KPRC 1.3
KTRK 1.1
KHOU 1.0
KRIV 0.9

At 6:00pm, KPRC 2 News at 6 was the leader:

KPRC 1.7
KTRK 1.6
KHOU 1.3
KRIV 0.9 (Modern Family)

And at 10:00pm, viewers made KPRC 2 News at 10 with Dominique Sachse, Bill Balleza, Frank Billingsley and Randy McIlvoy, #1 by a full rating point. That equals a dominating 59% ratings advantage over the next closest competitor:

KPRC 2.7
KTRK 1.7
KHOU 1.4

“This is incredible and I’m so proud of the efforts of our entire team both on-air and behind the scenes,” said KPRC2 VP/General Manager, Jerry Martin. “This was a heavy news month with the election, so to know Houston trusted us above everyone else to stay informed really speaks to the strength of what we’ve built at KPRC."

Other ratings highlights include:

NBC’s Today tied for #1 among morning news programs with GMA
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt is #1
Entertainment Tonight beat ABC 13 Eyewitness News at 6pm
NBC Prime is #1
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is #1 in the time period, beating Kimmel and Colbert combined
Saturday Night Live is the #1 program in late fringe
KPRC Channel 2 is #1 is Adult 25-54 sign-on to sign-off (Monday-Sunday 4am-4am)

All ratings are Adults 25-54 based on Nielsen Live + SD overnights, Monday-Friday for the measurement period of October 27, 2016 through November 23, 2016.

- FOX 26 November 2016 sweeps highlights
- Telemundo Houston ranks #1 in primetime & 10pm, regardless of language, in November 2016 sweeps


  1. Poor KHOU. The anchor shift didn't work for this book.

  2. KHOU has been on a downward spiral ever since TEGNA took over. Lots of changes, none of them working. Before the switch, KHOU was closing in and the other newsrooms worried. Not any more. Sad, some good people, many bad decisions.

  3. Jennifer Reyna is the reason.

  4. Is this really a resounding win? Maybe at 10pm, but everything else, it's more often than not a 0.1 "win" outside of the noon show which was all know is a throw away for all stations.

  5. It's an important win for KPRC in the two shows that really count---6am and 10pm. Stations want to win everywhere, but they can't survive getting beat in the morning and on the 10 o'clock news because that's where the money ratings are. Getting bad numbers there hurts. KHOU is dead last in the morning with barely half a point at six a-m and dead last at 10 p-m with barely half of Channel 2's audience. But KTRK can't be very happy, either.

    1. Thank Jimmy Fallon and the Today Show, because their 6AM & 10PM are poor and wouldn't have a 0.2 share. (If just the weather could get a rating...Francis Scott Billingsley and his professionalism would show a 4.0 share or better!)

  6. Whatever KPRC and Graham Media Group have working in their favor, I'd assume they stick with that winning formula to continue winning the ratings race.

    In other markets across the country... Orlando is reportedly mixed, with Cox Media Group's WFTV winning morning, Noon, 5PM, and 6PM... Hearst Television's WESH winning 4PM... Fox's WOFL winning 10PM... Graham's WKMG winning 11PM. DFW market, NBC's KXAS is said to be on a winning streak, and Fox's KDFW evjoying second place... assuming CBS' KTVT can step up their game, TEGNA's WFAA could be in last place. Nothing on Atlanta (my home market), but I'd assume Cox's WSB remains the ratings juggernaut, with Fox's WAGA in second, TEGNA's WXIA in third, and Meredith's WGCL in last place... if WGCL can step up their game, they could send WXIA to last place. Miami could be another story, amid the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  7. After seeing the results of the Trump vs Clinton polls and the real outcome, I doubt all of these numbers. Also, even if KPRC has some higher numbers like KTRK, it's more due to the national led in and lead out shows (GMA, Today, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, etc.)
    Even the most independent viewer knows the KPRC morning show is worthless, and contrary to the earlier comment, Reyna does nothing for ratings, nor does Dom or Bill.
    Any chance you can reveal the ratings of the crap stew known as Houston Life?

  8. ^^lol hey Anonymous you sound pretty mad buddy,relax now go put your teeth up, it's bed time

  9. Kprc has two things going for it, beyond the strong NBC lineup noted above.
    1. Frank Billingsly and his weather staff - best in town.
    2. Their over the top and sometimes laughable "investigative reports" that draw the city's attention to entertainingly train wrecks.
    Their anchors are not good for the most part. (Save Keith, Cyan, Andy and Sophia.) Their sports flat out suck. Archer is the only good reporter. It's the above two that draw any audience, and yes, the fake boobs also draw a minor audience of losers.

  10. Yes, KPRC 2 has a lot that sucks. But here's what they do that works: They chase big stories, no matter where those stories are; they focus on covering neighborhood crime like a blanket, so they get tips and videos others don't; they don't pretend to be the New York Times (easy to criticize them as low rent, but they know what viewers want to see); they have some dummies on the air, but they're dummies viewers like; and they have a real news director who's not a puppet of some clueless corporate news manager who knows nothing about the Houston market. KTRK used to have all of this but squandered it, KHOU is lost, confused and no longer plays big-league ball and KRIV just plan sucks. That's the market.

    1. KPRC is like the NY Times in that they have a noticeable liberal slant; it's unlike the NYT in that stories on KPRCs absolutely horrible website are frequently riddled with grammar errors and factual errors.

    2. Another sign of why trying to be smart in Houston TV news is a bad play.

  11. KHOU lacks professionalism, which is why they are now cellar dwellers. The news delivery, especially 5pm and 6pm, is so laid's like they're at your house catching you up on the latest gossip, complete with laughter and inane comments after every story. Just present the news. I don't really want to hear your comments.

  12. Clearly KHOU does not stand for Houston. Removal of talented veterans who are Houston and KHOUs most dedicated icons was disrespectful to Houston and KHOU viewers. What a horrible message to the viewing public... Stand for who? Self serving unprofessional management.

    1. It's not like KHOU is doing all these things because it wants to. We know what we should be doing. And we've got some super talented people. But the corporate bosses are calling the shots and no one resists without going away. So many good folks, but not many happy ones.

    2. Stop your whining. Your paychecks still cash, don't they?

  13. Funny, Just saw a KHOU promo claiming they are Number 1 @10. Source:Nielsen MSI November 2016 HH Live+SD (Mon-Fri 10:00-1030PM)

    1. what's SD? STandard definition? They won with those viewers?

  14. Congratulations News Team regrets I don't see more of congrats. We enjoy all you. Like you were in our living room thank you.

  15. The ratings are like the polls that said Donald Trump was a loser. I don't care what some commercial tells me to watch. They're all fighting over crumbs. I miss Dave Ward already.

  16. It looks like KHOU is having an identity crisis...Are we news? Are we a talk show? Are we infotainment? Just when you thought they couldn't get any worse, they did.

  17. Watching her at 11AM today in that inappropriate night club dress shows she's got a long way to go to grow up and leave the bikini attention days behind. She also needs to get a personality and some reading lessons.

  18. Judge Judy representing at 4PM!!

  19. Dom Suchse is so hated at her own station, as are many of the newbies. KPRC is a ticking time bomb, and it's gonna be fun watching it implode.


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