Thursday, April 19, 2012

KHOU 11 EP Perry Pace to WTHR 13 Indianapolis

Congrats to KHOU 11 executive producer and special projects man Perry Pace. He is moving on to be an executive producer at WTHR 13 Indianapolis.

Apparently WTHR has laughing weathermen, but it also is where former KHOU 11 news director Keith Connors is in charge.

As I have written in the past, Pace is a great guy to work for. He was the guy who hired me at KIAH 39.

 In the last decade, Pace jumped between KHOU and KIAH. He was one of the producers who helped start the WB39 news more than a decade ago.

Good luck to Perry and his family.

- KHOU 11 hires Tim Wetzel from WTVF 5 Nashville
- KHOU 11's Lisa Chavarria leaves for WFLD Chicago


  1. Hey how come you are not mentioning Jennifer Reyna's move from KPRC to KSBJ mornings?

    1. Is she the big morning show announcement on KSBJ?

    2. Susan is, and some unknown guy named Bob Ryan is supposed to be the other one. Jennifer might be the third one.

  2. Perry is SUCH a great guy! Good luck to him! And I don't blame him. Half the newsroom wants to join him.

  3. I don't think so yet, but I know my sister listens to that station and they have been giving out clues to who it might be, so far she says J Rey is a pretty good guess on who it might be.

  4. As long as Whaley doesn't take off, who cares? She makes Reyna look like an avocado shaped dunce.

  5. Perry is an excellent producer

  6. Perry is a great guy. I worked with him for awhile at KHOU. KHOU is losing a great producer.


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