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Thursday, April 19, 2012

KHOU 11 hires Tim Wetzel from WTVF 5 Nashville

Courtesy WTVF
Don't stand in front of the revolving doors at KHOU 11's Allen Parkway Houston studio - you might get trampled.

Earlier I told you how KHOU reporter Lisa Chavarria is WFLD 32 Chicago bound, and now we already know who her replacement is.

Funny enough, Tim Wetzel joins KHOU 11 from WTVF 5 Nashville. That just happens to be the TV station KHOU hired Chavarria from a few years ago!

"It looks like I'm about to miss meeting Lisa Chavarria," Wetzel told "She came from my station in Nashville. I started there days after she left. I guess I'll be missing her twice!"

If Wetzel plays his cards right, he might be missing her a third time one day at WFLD Chicago if things continue in the same direction.

Wetzel tells me he was in Nashville for two years. Before that he worked at WFTV in Orlando, WINK in Fort Myers and KTIV in Sioux City, IA.

"I'm very excited to join the KHOU team and look forward to working at such a great station," Wetzel told me.

Wetzel starts with the Belo owned Houston station Monday.


  1. KHOU's male version of Chita I guess...

  2. That comment was clearly posted by a straight dude. Just sayin' ;)

  3. Why is everyone leaving KHOU? What does KHOU think they are? The Toronto Raptors?

  4. KHOU now sucks. That's why everyone is leaving. If you look inside the newsroom you'll only see old-timers. The rest aren't putting up with the new, crappy management and are bolting for the door.

    1. Why is Lisa and Chita still there?

    2. I assume they are fleeing their exes.

  5. It doesn't suck. The reporters are getting good jobs at networks and larger markets. That's why they are leaving.

  6. Maybe I missed it on here, but Andrew Horansky started there today as a GA reporter as well. He left KVUE/Austin on Thursday.

  7. I do miss Lucy Noland. Lisa Hernandez is pretty but not exactly bursting with personality.


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