Thursday, October 20, 2011

KHOU 11's Greg Hurst gets love from station too

Since I broke the news that Lisa Hernandez would be the new KHOU 11 news anchor to replace Lucy Noland, lots of attention has been paid here to the KABC 7 transplant. What about her soon to be co-anchor Greg Hurst though? Don't worry, KHOU is producing promos with him too. In this one, he goes to a Houston Texans game at Reliant Stadium. Glad he found something to cheer about there.

- Greg Hurst and Lucy Noland in parody newscast
- KHOU 11 anchor Greg Hurst loves his dog


  1. Wow, how annoying would it be to be sitting near someone who is over-exaggerating his reactions to every play for a promo shoot?

  2. Still better than any of those insulting, stupid,over the top KPRC commercials showing their freaks and no-talents.

  3. He sucks anyway.

  4. Why is 11 trying so hard to get us to like their anchors? Are they tanking?


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