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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Former KTRK 13 reporter Laura Whitley in new role

In 2009, when KTRK 13 reporter Laura Whitley announced she was leaving the station, I was shocked. Here she was a reporter at the top ranked station in the number 10 television market and she was quitting to take care of her kids. Noble I thought, but it floored me. A few months later, I left to do the same thing. Clearly Whitley helped inspire some paradigm shift in me I guess.

While still watching her little ones, Whitley has recently jumped back in the game as a self-described story teller. Only this time for clients with her new company Reel Media Solutions.

"I loved working as a full time television journalist, however I needed something more flexible to give my family more of my attention and time," Whitley told "Growing this business really allows me to have the best of both worlds. The kids don't come with me on shoots or consultations, but I they do know to be quiet when Mommy is on the phone with a client."

Reel Media Solutions features client services that include video production, public relations, media consulting and writing tailored to their needs.

"During my years in television news, I learned everybody truly has a story and I love to share those stories," Whitley told me. "The premise also translates beyond individuals and extends to companies and businesses.

"I think my past as a television reporter helps clients because I have solid news judgement. I have been on the front lines of newsroom decision making. I understand why producers, editors, reporters may cover one story over another and how to get their attention."

One of her first clients - Leprechaun Hard Cider, Texas’ first hard cider company.

The company's web address will be when the site is live. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here