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Texas TV market changes for 2011-2012 - Nielsen

Nielsen released its new list of TV station markets for 2011-2012 and I broke out the Texas ones. Notice there were big jumps for El Paso (Las Cruces) and Wichita Falls/Lawton.  Austin fell by three markets.

Local Television Market Universe Estimates - Nielsen
Comparisons of 2010-11 and 2011-12 Market Ranks

2010-11    2011-12                                                                                 2011                   2012
Rank          Rank           Diff.                                                                    TV Homes          TV Homes

5                5                                Dallas-Ft. Worth                          2,594,630           2,571,310
10             10                               Houston                                       2,177,220           2,185,260
37             36               +1            San Antonio                                 844,910              880,690
44             47               -3             Austin                                          707,430              686,830
87             87                               Harlingen-Wslco-Brnsvl-McA       356,010              361,820
89             88               +1            Waco-Temple-Bryan                    344,020              353,190
97             91               +6            El Paso (Las Cruces)                    315,130              336,570
129          129                              Corpus Christi                              199,370              203,550
131          130             +1             Amarillo                                        195,070              195,650
141          141                              Beaumont-Port Arthur                   170,010              168,420
146          142             +4             Wichita Falls and Lawton              157,030              160,540
142          143             -1              Lubbock                                      161,450               160,160
151          151                              Odessa-Midland                           146,310              146,040
161          161                              Sherman-Ada                               129,480               128,790
165          164             +1             Abilene-Sweetwater                      115,200              115,630
186          185             +1             Laredo                                         70,090                72,060
196          197             -1              San Angelo                                  55,280                 55,570
204           204                             Victoria                                        31,660                 31,540

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  1. . It appears that Houston was the only top-10 market to show year-on-year growth. Speculation for the falloff in homes is that more people are using mobile and Web devices to get their content -- which is something Nielsen doesn't measure. Also, the economic downturn has put more people together in one address. While the economy hasn't been a major factor in Austin, its demotion (DMA-wise) is that it has a younger, tech-savvy population who are increasingly become less tethered to the plugged-in world.

    Here's another take on it: In looking at the Nielsen data, they seem to indicate LA also lost HHs contrary to the article's numbers.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha... Dallas is still on top of Houston because who wants to live in Houston which then contributes to the higher Nielsen ranks?!?

    Dallas rocks and Houston sucks!

    1. I like the way you think!

  3. The only thing I like about Dallas is the weather.

  4. Its about time the Bryan-College Station Market is separated from the Waco-Temple-Killen Market. One month from now the B-CS area will get their own NBC (KAGS-HD)completely separated from KCEN out of the Waco market. The new television studios are under construction as we speak. After that station is up and running the only connection the two markets will have is the nightly Fox news at 9:00pm and some of the abc40 news cast.

  5. Mike can you you explain why Houston and San Antonio are the 1st and second largest cities in Texas according to wikipeida, but only 10 and 37 respectively behind Dallas. Since you're in the business you can talk about it better. And by the way Mike Barjas is still my neighbor in houston... in the know.. nows nothing.. There might be a mike b in alaska, but not KRIV mike b. ;)

  6. San Antonio ranks so low because it is so close to Austin, so its coverage isn't as big as it could potentially be.

  7. Houston is only at 10 because to the East of the city there is the Beaumont Market and to the North West there is the Bryan-College Station Market. Both areas are very close, especially Bryan-College Station, but these Metros have there own TV Markets which stretch out to surrounding areas and sometimes even can reach to far out suburbs of Houston. I believe if Beaumont and B-CS were apart of the Houston TV Market that Houston would likely be the 4th largest TV Market.

  8. The reason DFW is a larger market than Houston is because it is composed of Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding cities. That population is greater than Houston's when combined.

    Why is Houston the 4th largest city, but not the 4th TV market? Same reason. Cities ahead of us in TV terms like San Francisco and Oakland are combined.

  9. DMA rankings are based on television households and not city populations. A market with 4 one person TV households would be ranked higher than a market with 3 five person households even though the second market has 15 people while the other has four people.

    Also, each county is assigned a market based on local television viewing. The population density of the outlying counties will affect a market's DMA ranking.


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