Monday, May 09, 2011

KHOU 11's new promos feature anchor Greg Hurst and breaking news

KHOU 11 has unleashed some new promos on us. One features main anchor Greg Hurst and his dog Grissom. The other are all about breaking news.

KHOU 11 News - Breaking News Image (A)
KHOU 11 News - Breaking News Image (B)


  1. Most station promos come in two flavors: lame and lamer. These are certainly in one of those categories as well.

    I laugh when I see local promos from 2 and 11 about how they are live from the fire down the street or city hall, then see promos on 13 where they are live from the four corners of the planet; Africa, Japan, London, Rome, Shanghai, every week it seems they are reporting from other continents.

    Also, in case viewers don't know this, 2 and 11 will only cover breaking news as long as it will not result in ANY overtime for the crews out there risking their necks trying to cover it. That has been the case for at least two years now. But hey Hurst has a cute family, and even a dog, how extraordinary! Hey, I have kids and a dog, too! We have so much in common!

  2. This isn't a new promo. It's been on the air for about six months....which is six months too long.

  3. Shows you how much I know. The station just put it out on its YouTube account so I thought it was new.


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