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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The KUBE 57 Houston gets new website

Many Channel 57 The KUBE viewers think my blog is the official site of the new UHF Houston station. That's because when you Google "The KUBE Houston" or "KUBE 57" you find my posts on the new station. This is about to end.

THe KUBE 57 has had a website up...really more of a placeholder. That's about to change though. While not totally working 100%, we are starting to see what the finished version of The KUBE's webpage (built on the Drupal CMS) will look like.

The KUBE tells me "This is a 'temporary' KUBE 57 site to have information out there and a place for folks to go. Our "full" site will actually launch in March or April."

- KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston
- KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston programming schedule
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