Monday, September 27, 2010

KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston programming schedule

KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston debuts today. The Baytown based station is available on Comcast and appears to be actually on digital channel 41, but redirects to 57.  As you can tell above, it goes by The KUBE which sounds very familiar to Houston TV watchers.

 Here is the station's schedule as provided by Zap2It. We don't know if this is a temporary schedule or the real deal. The shows are retro and family friendly.  The station is currently running promos and crawls in Spanish telling the former KAZH audience this is the new channel with family friendly programming for all (at least as best as I can tell with my limited Spanish skills). I did not include the overnight hours in the TV guide list because it is all paid programming.

KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston programming schedule:
7:30 AM Religion
8:00 AM Paid Programming
8:30 AM Saved by the Bell
9:00 AM The Little Rascals
9:30 AM The Little Rascals
10:00 AM Andy Griffith Show
10:30 AM Andy Griffith Show
11:00 AM Beverly Hillbillies
11:30 AM Beverly Hillbillies
12:00 PM Little House/Prairie
1:00 PM Matlock
2:00 PM Perry Mason
3:00 PM Quincy, M.E.
4:00 PM The Brady Bunch
4:30 PM The Brady Bunch
5:00 PM Mork & Mindy
5:30 PM Happy Days
6:00 PM Happy Days
6:30 PM Laverne & Shirley
7:00 PM Family Ties
7:30 PM Family Ties
8:00 PM Magnum, P.I.
9:00 PM Rockford Files
10:00 PM Hunter
11:00 PM Star Trek
12:00 AM The Twilight Zone
12:30 AM The Twilight Zone

- KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston

(Thanks @gridlockjoe and Michael)


  1. Looks like Channel 39's line up in the early '80s.

  2. The times you've listed appear to be EDT. KUBE is advertising times 1 hour earlier - ie Quincy at 2 PM, Star Trek at 10 PM.

  3. I guess zap2it was on Eastern time then.

  4. I was so excited about Rockford Files when I saw it in The Chronicle's TV listing the other day with this "new" TV station. Watched Rockford that night, being Tuesday, Wednesday was the same episode as Tuesday, Thursday - same episode. Is there a new episode each week?

  5. I was watching Renegade last night on this channel.. I hope they play it!!! I love this show!!!

  6. Only drag is they don't seem to have paid for the CC versions of their shows (21 Jump Street, anyway).

  7. Twilight Zone rocks big time. The original episodes from 1959-'63 or so. I do wish I could find which episodes are airing- but I guess you just have to tune in to see. You can find lots of cast and plot info at Internet Movie Database- all the episodes are listed with lots of good info

  8. Comcast in Galveston KUBE is found on 53.

  9. I think most these shows were way before there was CC.
    But I hope they fix the EDT time zone so the on screen listing get corrected.

  10. Its Great to see the original PERRY MASON, Keep up the great programming. With all the cable channels out there, its nice to know there is a place to go for the good programs. Thanks

  11. Delighted to see Perry Mason, Matlock, Quincy and the Twilight Zone. I love these shows especially Perry Mason. Thanks KUBE!

  12. Great station! I love the lineup! The only thing I would love to see added is "The Fall Guy"!!!! Please do! Keep up the great work!

  13. What happened to HUNTER? I loved watching that show at 9pm. Bring it back!!!

  14. I 2nd that Misty, Bring Back Hunter!

  15. I also agree with you Misty bring back Hunter. I always love that show. I wish they would bring it back soon.

  16. Love that the old shows are coming back. There is no competition between these and the new cop and reality (reality?) shows. Before "The Kube" I was watching little TV. I give them the "Giant Jar Of Golden Peanuts" award for such a great lineup.

  17. Where in the Hell has "MAGNUM gone?

  18. Damn stupid commerical. I just sat down to watch Star Trek and realised it was on at 7 tonight, they should get their scheduled hours fixed. I like this channel but I need better schedules.

  19. The schedule problem may drive me not to tune in to the KUBE. They have the right to show whatever they wish, but letting us know the TRUTH would be better customer service than we are now experiencing. Why is Rockford always listed but hardly ever shown?

    It's impossible to count on anything -- taping the wrong shows is very frustrating.

  20. I don't know what the program manager is thinking, by removing Andy Griffith (a show teaching parents how to raise their children with values) and replacing it with a car ad. Buying a new car should be at the bottom of the list of what's important in life. This is partly what is wrong with the children today. No one is teaching them any values. The parents today both have to work because they both are so selfish they feel they each need a new car, which removes $800-$1200 per month from the income, thereby putting the parents wants above the children's needs. There should be more shows like The Rifleman and Andy Griffith (teaching values) with the ads in the 1-3 minute commercial spot instead of entire shows of ads. I was so happy when 57.1 first came of the scene. I thought we finally had good TV again. It is a shame 57 now is falling in line with all others.

  21. The last few days I've noticed NO Perry Mason or Twilight Zone....what's up? These shows ran for several seasons and while I enjoy them very much, they ran enough years not to have repeats so soon in the line up.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for bringing back some of the oldies but goodies!!!!

    A fan...

  22. I'm sorry not to find Perry Mason still showing also -- but why is it still advertised on the KUBE? And couldn't we have had warning that it was going to be replaced by 2 Matlocks? I love Matlock, I'm just saying that some kind of intelligent information would be appreciated for those of us who support the advertisers on the station.

    Please don't do anything with Rockford.

  23. Anderson Cooper talk show airs here in September!

  24. the sation is automated . thats why they keep cuting some shows off. because theres no body runing the sation . but what i think whats going to happen is ktbu is moving to the kube the tube has die. and the kube is alive .

  25. I like to see Growing Pains, Wonder Years, Who's the Boss, Samantha Who? on the list in the future boardcasting.

  26. sssssssssssssstttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr tttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. Thank you for showing the KU basketball games!!! :)

  28. NOOOOOO! Don't change the schedule. Take off Frasier! Leave Rockford Files.


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