Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston

Never heard of Houston's channel 57 KUBE-TV? Well, neither has anyone else since it hasn't actually signed on yet according to Internet reports.

As I blogged last week, the current channel 57 KAZH is saying adios to the Spanish-Language format and moving to English programming with the new KUBE call letters. Those call letters sure sound familiar. KUBE sounds like TUBE which is what Channel 55 KTBU used to be known as - The TUBE. I wonder if KUBE was chosen with that intention?

Here is the KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston programming schedule.

- Petry Television signs KUBE-TV Houston
- Petry Television adds KUBE to its roster

(Thanks @gridlockjoe and Michael)


  1. Love the new line up. I stumbled on it while channel surfing and love it.

    Brian Murphy

  2. I love this channel! A trip down memory lane watching all the old cool tv programs tonight. More More!

  3. I really like the shows on here, too. Question - does anybody else's TV, when on the Kube, cut in and out with the sound? I really like watching "The Twilight Zone" but find the cutting in and out and missing some dialogue very annoying.

  4. I haven't noticed the sound cutting out but the volume is so low on the programs as compared to the commercials. That can really jar you awake if you fall asleep watching this channel!
    I tune in every night to watch Star Trek but it seems they keep playing the same episode over and over again, the one with Khan

  5. We all need to contact KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston for another dedicated channel earlier "Game Shows".

    Do any of you remember the television Game Shows that came on back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early and mid-80’s? To name a few game shows:

    Match Game
    Match Game P.M.
    $10,000 Pyramid
    $100,000 Pyramid
    The Joker's Wild
    The Newlywed Game
    Let's Make A Deal
    Tic Tac Dough
    Family Feud
    Name that Tune
    Card Sharks
    The Gong Show
    What earlier Game Shows I missed?

    Remember when you see the excitement on people face when they won $500 back then to win that was a lot of money and/or cars. Remember the price on the cars when the game shows host stated the price.

  6. The Twilight Zone is my favorite TV show. Ever. A very close 2nd place to Twilight Zone is Alfred Hitchcock Presents. My heart skipped a beat when I ran across these in the TV guide, and I saw that they were on the same channel.

    Add to that Perry Mason (also in my Top 10), Magnum, Rockford, Quincy, the original Star Trek, and even the occasional Happy Days...and you can just color me happy. I'm absolutely thrilled to have found this channel.

    If I'm going to be nit-picky, I wish they showed "Alice". (Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, soon after I found a channel--I think it was Oxygen--that showed "Alice" reruns, they showed the finale of the series, and that was that. I had never seen the last episode where they actually closed Mel's Diner, but this channel ran the finale, then stopped showing it, never to be found again. But, I digress...)

    Having said that, it doesn't matter much at all, because my favorite two shows (and others from my top ten faves) are present and accounted for!

    Anyway, I suppose it's a good thing that The Kube doesn't show Alice too, or else I'd have to quit my job and stay home to watch TV all day. Every day. :)

    All in all, I am SO HAPPY that The Kube has arrived. Woo-HOO!!!!!!! :D

  7. I love the KUBE but everyday there seems to be a problem with the channel. It's always cutting in and out like if you had satellite. What is going on? This has been like this for a very long time. It's irritating. The picture freezes, slows, breaks up.

  8. To Anonymous Says:

    As far as game shows, it would be funny to see the price is right. I would live to see the small prices then. Also, as far as the problems getting the Kube, I would try a better antenna, no offense. I bougth a GREAT antenna at walmart for $40. It is an outdoor HDTV antenna by Philips.

  9. Great TV, Thanks for Perry Mason, if I cant be there its dvr time. Its about time we get to see really good tv programs. Did I say thanks for Perry Mason? Love this channel.

  10. On 1/24/11 The KUBE had Star Trek at 10pm. The name of the episode was "AMOK TIME". The very next day 1/25/11 The KUBE played the exact same Star Trek program "Amok Time" but after about 20 minutes they took a commercial break and came back with a completely different episode! Other times they play programs that were just on the week before. Is anyone at the KUBE paying attention to their programming??

  11. I wanted to watch Cold Case Files Bill Kurtis today on the KUBE and all I got was an hour long commercial of Xfinity Home Alarm system!! What gives?


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