Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VIDEO: KUBE channel 57 ID

People can't get enough of KUBE Channel 57 posts around here so here is a glimpse into the new Houston station's on air look.

- KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston
- KUBE-TV channel 57 Houston programming schedule


  1. I love this channel!! Matlock, Quincy, but especially Perry all time favorite show. Thank you for these old favorites.

  2. I love channel 57 it has all the old showes they are clean and they are all family frendly. the only problem I have is I only have antina and a lot of time channel 57 I can't pick up but I try 2 or 3 times every day and when I can get it that is all we watch. all the other channels are so not family family frendly a christian can watch channel 57 and enjoy it.

  3. I love channel 57 because it has all the old showes on it Matlock, rockford, sanford and son clean family friendly a channel a christian can watch with out all the sex, a vurger lnguage I only have an antina some time I can get it but when I can that is the only channel I watch.


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