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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"KRIV and Barajas mutually agreed to part ways"

A KRIV FOX 26 spokesperson confirmed to me after my initial post about Mike Barajas being removed from the station's website that, "KRIV and (anchor Mike) Barajas mutually agreed to part ways.”

It was back on January 16th, that I blogged how Fox 26 KRIV employees told me anchor Mike Barajas was gone. A few days later FOX TV told me he was listed as on vacation. Then the Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman found out Barajas was not scheduled to anchor a newscast.

I think anyone who knew something about the TV business could read between the lines on what was really happening.

According to Barajas' online bio, he was with FOX 26 since 1986. He started out as the weekend anchor and was later promoted to anchoring the midday newscast. In 1992, he was promoted to the main newscast FOX 26 News at 9. Before KRIV, Barajas was a reporter for KPRC.

And as I have written before, KTRK 13 anchor Erik Barajas is Mike's nephew. Once again, Houston will only know what it is like to have one Barajas on TV news.

I reached out to Mr. Barajas through an intermediary. Have not heard back from him.

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