Monday, February 07, 2011

Fox 26 KRIV anchor Mike Barajas "not scheduled" for newscasts

Anchor Mike Barajas off Fox 26 KRIV website

The 'Where is Fox 26 KRIV anchor Mike Barajas Game' is still being played. You might remember how I originally posted that he was possibly out of the picture, then FOX told me he was on vacation and now the Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman continues the game in his latest column's mailbag segment:

What has happened to Mike Barajas on Channel 26? Will he be back?
- Jesse Foroi Jr., Houston

I called Channel 26 and asked, "Is Mike Barajas still with Channel 26?" The answer was, "He is not currently scheduled to be on the newscast." I asked, "What does that mean?" The spokesman said, "I was not told how to interpret that, just what to say when someone asks that question." I will interpret then, but this is merely a guess based on nothing. I think it means Barajas is still on the payroll until some agreement can be worked out. Or he is on personal leave. Who knows? His bio is still on the Channel 26 website, so he's technically still an employee. READ MORE

Glad Hoffman is on the case, I played phone tag with FOX last week.

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