Monday, February 22, 2010

Maria Todd and Brad Booker team up for Mix 96.5 KHMX mornings

Maria Todd is back on Houston radio but not with Sam Malone or Atom Smasher this time. Todd is doing mornings on Mix 96.5 KHMX with Brad Booker. Booker, as you probably know, was just on the Hot 95.7 morning show with Sarah Pepper. More from allaccess:

BOOKER's former co-host SARAH PEPPER stays aboard at HOT 95.7 and is joined by PK's PLAYHOUSE which includes producer IVAN TRUJILLO.
KKHH & KHMX PD MARK ADAMS and PK are well-acquainted as PK formerly did wakeups at former ROSE CITY (now CLEAR CHANNEL) Top 40 Rhythmic KXJM (JAMMIN 95.5 which became JAMMIN 107.5)/PORTLAND. READ THE REST

KHMX and KKHH are all owned by CBS so Booker literally just walks down the hall to a new studio in the mornings. We'll see how this works. I listened this morning and they sounded good together, but I know from emails I get, listeners want Malone and Todd back together.

Former Mix 96.5 morning host Michele Fisher (who came over from 104.1 KRBE with Sam Malone) appears to be the new 9am to 2pm DJ.

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- Hot 95.7 in Houston gets Booker and Sarah


  1. We love you Maria! Glad to have you back.

  2. I like Maria, and I like that they seem to be giving her top billing on the show. I did NOT like the way Mix 96.5 just squeezed Rick Stacy in as the head guy, keeping Michelle as the "sidekick" after Sam left. (I can only guess that Michelle requested to stay that way--otherwise, it's ridiculous.) She seemed like the local and he seemed like an obnoxious, un-funny outsider. I thought he was terrible from the first day, and I'm glad he didn't last long.

    I'm not sexist, I don't really care if a woman or man is the "main DJ" on a morning show...I just want the better, funnier, more real and local-feeling person to be the top dog.

    Welcome back, Maria! I grew up listening to you and Sam.

  3. loveee you Maria...Morning just got better.........

  4. Ayana Mack from KRBE is now doin 9am-2pm for KHMX... she's a veteran of the radio business formerly of KPTY 104.9 and KSEQ in Fresno,CA.


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