Wednesday, January 24, 2007

KRBE's Maria Todd has a new job

All of you Maria Todd and Atom Smasher lovers, I have news. Maria has landed a job in San Francisco says A + E Interactive:
The Bay's new adult hip-hopping station, 99.7-FM KFRC, now called "Movin' 99.7, has hired Baltazar, from New York, as its morning man. His partner will be Maria Todd from Houston.


Having grown up in Northern California, Baltazar is looking forward to being a part of the new MOViN morning team. "I can't wait to crack open the mic and say 'Let's get MOViN San Francisco! It's Baltazar and Maria!” He is equally excited about his new co-host. “Maria is the kind of person every woman would love to go shopping with and every man would love to watch a football game with. She is one of the funniest people I have ever met.”
That means no return to 104.1 KRBE for Maria. With this move, there's no reunion with Sam Malone over at Mix 96.5 KHMX in the future either.

Last check Atom Smasher was at Dallas' 106.1 KISS FM.

Jeff Ehling and I talked about starting a morning radio show. Any stations willing to give two unproven guys who think they're funny a break? Our first guest could be Kathy Whitmire. Why not?


  1. Yup.. Atom is here in the Metroplex. I was excited to hear a familiar Houston voice on the radio, and then sad because I am not a huge fan of his.. I kinda find him annoying. 106.1 is low on my presets though, so it will not be a huge problem. He is doing the drive home slot during the week...

  2. Just out of curiosity, which stations do you like there. I used to be a huge Eagle fan and still like the Edge better than the Buzz.

  3. I listen to KDMX which is our Clear Channel Mix station. I am also a big fan of CBS's Jack FM.. Their mantra is "Playing what we want..." They do not have any dj's and dont run alot of commericals, so it is pretty cool. If you want to make a song request, you have to go to their website and hunt for the request page. I like the Edge also.. I am not in my car for long periods of time, but when I am, I listen to those..

    The Eagle is not in existence anymore. In 2004, they went to a Sunny (60's - 90's) station and then Clear Channel pulled a KLOL and changed them to an all spanish station..

  4. I like Jack too. I think the Jack in Los Angeles is even better than the one in Dallas.

    I heard the Movin format in LA and liked it to. Although I am not the demo I'm sure.


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