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Monday, February 12, 2024

KPRC 2 new 2024 studio - standing room only (sometimes)

KPRC 2 debuted its long-awaited new studio on February 12, 2024, at 6pm.

I grabbed these stills from the channel 2's 10pm newscast. And I'm sure every on-air talent hates reading that phrase, but I tried to pause when no one looked odd.

KPRC 2 2024 studio - photos and more details

Brittany Begley joins KPRC 2

In some ways, the new KPRC set doesn't look that different from the former one  A bluish look with giant screens kinda describes both. These days, let's face it, all TV sets sorta look the same across the country with small differences and a few outliers.

However, maybe the anchor desk is on backorder, but for this debut night, I don't remember ever seeing a sitting anchor, meteorologist or sportscaster! 

That's right Keith Garvin, Daniella Guzman, chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley and sports director Randy McIlvoy stood the whole time. Even when they were doing the friendly "crosstalk," which usually involves at least someone sitting down.

Standing desks are trendy, but KPRC didn't even bother buying one that is height adjustable.

KPRC anchors first let us know a new studio was coming in late November 2023. The previous set came online in 2017 when the entire station was rebuilt.

On a KPRC2+ studio update, we were told that the target debut date was January 15th.

You can see an example of what the newscasts have looked like with the temporary set here.


There is a desk on the KPRC 2 morning show.  I'm told the desk will be used in the mornings, afternoons, and early evenings but will be cleared out for 6pm and 10pm newscasts. The set also changes colors for AM and PM with this nice golden hue for mornings. I think the desk has a cool, modern design to it.

(Thanks Shad!)

*This post has been updated to reflect that the new KPRC 2 has a news desk for all but the evening and 1ate news.

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