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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

KPRC 2 2024 studio - photos and more details

As promised on my social channels last Friday, here are photos from my visit to the new KPRC 2 studio, which debuted in February 2024.

The 70-foot by 25-foot set certainly stands out because it's evenly lit, so an anchor can walk around and be seen clearly on camera the entire time. From what I've observed, that is not usual in the industry.  Anytime I go on a normal TV set, the floor director usually places me in a less lit area, so I am more challenging to see. That wouldn't work anymore at KPRC. Maybe that's why the crew kept asking me to stand behind the camera. 

The number one question my readers want to know is why the anchors are standing deskless on the evening newscast.

To prove I am not cut out to be a channel 2 investigative reporter, I never got a clear answer about that.

I guess they want the newscasts to stand out and get viewers talking. Based on social media chatter, that has worked.

An article about the new set on says, "The goal was to break free from the mold of a typical TV newscast set, creating a space that transcends traditional boundaries."

So, there you go. 

And what about that rolling desk when it is used in the mornings and afternoons? You can't see wires powering it on TV because it runs off a battery. It really can be moved anywhere.  The Big "2" logo (if you get that reference, then you have been watching for a long time) in the front of the desk is actually a monitor and not just a lit panel like I first thought after seeing it on-air.

One reason not to have a desk is to use what they call the big feature wall or "BFW," which is a very large 32 by 9 aspect ratio screen.  The 27.5-foot wide and 7.75-foot tall monitor is so large that you can split the video signal in half and make it into two screens where an anchor can hand off the segment to sports or weather. 

Nearby is the Cube Wall LED at 19.68 feet wide x 6.64 feet tall with another 3.93 feet wide x 8.83 feet tall Slab LED.

Behind the cube wall is where the meteorologists work when not on TV.  It looks like a smaller version of NASA's JSC Mission Control Center. At first, I thought I saw meteorologist Justin Stapleton launch a rocket, but then I realized it was just those visions I've been having lately from lack of sleep.  I will get those checked out. 

It's safe to say KPRC has more overall screen pixels than you with 17,224,704 at their disposal. 

As you have probably seen, the set's walls can change colors with a golden hue in the morning and a bluish one at night, thanks to LED technology.  But it could turn red, for example, if there is a breaking news situation.

Brian Perry, KPRC 2's Manager of Streaming & Creative Content, was gracious enough to take me on the tour and told me more is coming with the set, too. 

For example, a vertical monitor, which I don't believe has been on the air yet, can be controlled by a phone.  So, if an anchor wants to talk about a mobile app or something you might see on your phone, they can actually use a mobile device and show what it will look like on the giant screen. 

A new track will be laid to get some fluid shots of the talent and set. That leads to the fact that there are no platforms on the set, which can cause injuries as meteorologists, for example, have to set up or down to get to the chroma key wall (green screen.)

Speaking of the green screen, talent can now use a full one to show them from head to toe.  No cut-off feet. In his off time, I could see morning anchor Owen Conflenti filming a full superhero movie with it.  Let's face it, that guy is creative on TikTok. 

Nearby is a hundred-inch touchscreen that offers "telestrator" capabilities for the user.

And while I was at KPRC, I got bonus snaps of the "Houston Life" studio just for you. 

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