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Monday, April 10, 2023

Tiffany Craig leaves KHOU 11 Houston

(photo courtesy: Tiffany Craig)

Tiffany Craig is leaving KHOU 11 Houston after 13 years according to an internal station memo obtained by

Here is a portion of that memo:

"From my first day in 2010 when Bill [Bishop] said 'are you gonna work hard' to the recent afternoon when Liz [Roldan] asked 'are you sure,' it’s been a whirlwind of a 13-year career at KHOU. 

I’ve chased down news on every shift, talked my way out of an AM position a few times, and delivered the first live hit when we launched the 4pm show. 

In 2014, I successfully campaigned for a new role and that’s how Consumer Advocacy at KHOU11 was born. On and off air, I’m proud to say that Gregg Ramirez and I helped a lot of frustrated Houstonians with their problems. 

I’ve always said that I have the best job at the TV station but after losing both of my parents in two years, I need a change. 

I’m shaking off the comfort of a 25-year broadcasting career, taking a giant leap of faith, and following a new passion I have realized since helping to care for my mom. 

I’ll be working with AmareVida (that’s 'love life' in Latin). It’s a small, boutique-style home care company that helps seniors. I’ll also be searching for other ways to assist our aging population. 

Thanks to so many of you for your help and support along the way."

What a great transition for Craig to life outside of TV news. As my blog readers might remember, Craig lost her mother in early 2023 to Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus which causes dementia-type symptoms.

She recently had been on leave from channel 11.

Tiffany Craig's James Bond connection

Craig joined KHOU 11 in 2010 as a general assignments reporter.  She grew up in Houston watching Marvin Zindler and continued in his direction as the KHOU 11 consumer advocate reporter starting in 2014.

She returned to Houston from WKRG News 5 Mobile, Alabama where she was a special assignments reporter. Before WKRG, Craig worked for ABC 33/40 WBMA Birmingham, Alabama. 

While working in Alabama, Craig earned an Emmy, a National Edward R. Murrow Award, numerous Regional Murrows and Associated Press Awards too.

The North Shore High School and Sam Houston State University grad got her on-air TV start in KVII Amarillo as a reporter.  

Before that, she worked behind-the-scenes at abc13 KTRK Houston. 


Veteran Broadcaster quits TV career to help seniors 

KHOU11 Consumer Advocate Reporter Tiffany Craig leaves KHOU11 to join AmareVida as the home care company's Director of Marketing and Communications. 

Tiffany is an award-winning journalist with 25 years of experience and spent much of her time helping "the little guy" with consumer issues. After losing her mother to dementia, Tiffany has decided to help in a different way. She is turning her focus to senior citizens and their families.
"When my mom was diagnosed with dementia, my family was lost. She needed more in-home care than we could provide and that's how we found AmareVida. In our greatest time of need, AmareVida was there. I'm honored to help this boutique-style company and hopefully prevent other families from feeling that same sense of helplessness. Mom was my biggest fan when I was on the air. I’m certain that she would approve of the work I’m doing now.” 

Tiffany obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/Television/Film from Sam Houston State University. She has worked at 5 different TV stations and won countless broadcasting awards before taking this "leap of faith” into a new industry. 

Ryan Beals, AmareVida’s founder, is thrilled to have a seasoned communication professional on the team. 

“Our mission from day one was to be a resource and provide peace of mind to the families of those we care for. The gap in understanding this level of care is deep and no one really understands what to do next. That’s where AmareVida comes in! I'm proud that we were able to help Tiffany’s family and couldn’t be more excited to have her represent our shared passion. Her personal story and journey through this difficult time are relatable. Plus, Tiffany has the skills and knowledge to spread AmareVida’s message to new heights."

Keep an eye out for Tiffany’s unique storytelling style as she shares information about seniors and the benefits of in-home care. Her first day at AmareVida is Wednesday, April 19, 2023. 

About AmareVida

AmareVida LLC is a veteran-owned and operated home care company with the sole mission of providing clients with exceptional in-home services and helping them live with dignity. Our goal is to ensure clients thrive, keeping them independent and out of institutional care whenever possible. Our care includes personal hygiene, live-in care, dementia care, mobility assistance, respite, or simple companionship. We also have a unique partnership that helps veterans get qualified for Veterans Administration (VA) funding to help offset the cost of care.

AmareVida means “Love Live” in Latin and our services are not limited by franchise fees or set prices. We are based in Kingwood and our team goes wherever care is needed.

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