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Friday, April 28, 2023

Dominique Sachse talks about new podcast

Dominique Sachse announced her new project "Over 50 & Flourishing with Dominique Sachse" and is giving readers a deeper look into the new podcast.

The podcast's summary is:

"Welcome to over 50 & Flourishing with Dominique Sachse, the show for any woman who feels like she lost her compass in the sea of midlife. I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to change your course and awaken the healthy, wise and beautiful woman within. Let’s celebrate growing older together and embrace our prime. It’s our time!"

Mike McGuff: Will this give you a chance to explore issues that you didn't have time to pursue in a newscast?

Dominique Sachse: Unlike my time in news, this podcast gives me an opportunity to explore topics and areas of interest that pertain to my demographic, which is women in midlife and beyond.  I get to flush out ideas that are near and dear to our hearts. Living our best in this time of life, making healthy choices, being upfront about the struggles of the sandwich generation, managing menopause, addressing relationships, careers, friendships, finances, toxic behaviors or choices, all while pressing into our faith. While my audience is made up primarily of women, I’m also going to make sure there are topics that cover the midlife male in their lives as well. 

MM: Will it be nice to have as much time as you want to cover a topic, versus the two minutes you might get for a TV news package?

DS: It’s a journalist’s dream to be able to have 45 minutes to an hour to really have an in-depth, intelligent discussion to cover a subject. The beauty is, some people are so multifaceted and insightful, they can be repeat guests. Also, with the technology today, I can interview anyone from anywhere, although my preference is to be in person, sitting side by side, to have that genuine conversation. We have so many innovators, thought-provokers and difference makers right here in our own backyard. 

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The podcast's audio version will be published at midnight Pacific time so the East Coast will have it between 3 and 5am Monday. That means you can listen to it on your morning drive.  It will air every Monday on YouTube at 1pm CST.  

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