Thursday, July 07, 2022

Kaitlin Monte and Lily Jang?

Kaitlin Monte

I know it's summer, even news anchors take vacation.  So when I start getting inquiries about "where is so and so anchor?," I tend to just say vacation.  

Kaitlin Monte leaves FOX 26 Houston

Usually they come back in a few weeks...viewers resume as normal.

We know FOX 26 KRIV anchor Kaitlin Monte is popular because I am suddenly getting lots of inquiries on "Where is Kaitlin Monte?"

Now, I am writing this post to let you all know I am seeing your messages.  My guess is that she is on a long vacation from TV and social media.

Her last social media posts were three weeks ago.  

She even tweeted on June 15th, "Emotionally depleted. Sorry for being so quiet lately."

Her bio is still on the FOX 26 website, so my guess is that Monte is on vacation.

Lily Jang

House 2 Home with Lily Jang

Now for Lily Jang. 

The former KHOU 11 morning anchor and current Realtor posted a photo of the KPRC 2 logo with the words "Stay tuned..."

Jang has a relationship with KPRC as she has done real estate segments for the station and guest hosted "Houston Life."

Oh, we will stay tuned around here!


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