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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Steve Campion leaves abc13 KTRK

Steve Campion has left abc13 KTRK where he served as the station's first-ever multi-media journalist (MMJ).

And...@SteveABC13 has left the building," tweeted abc13 reporter Miya Shay.  "Steve Campion is one of the best. I’m glad to know he’s not going far, merely to the dark side...of PR!" 

UPDATED: So there you have it, Campion is leaving the TV news biz behind for public relations with Comcast Houston.  Stay tuned for where he is going next.

No doubt, Campion will be remembered for his dogged reporting on the tragic Vanessa Guillen story.

He will also be remembered for his high social media engagement.  I watched him move up the charts back when I tracked such things.

"Listen, I love this guy. I tease him *on the reg* for his 42 selfie posts a day, but really, no one does social media better than THE Steve Campion," joked abc13 reporter Courtney Fischer in a Facebook post.  "I’ll miss the cheesy inspirational quotes accompanied by a sunrise photo. I’ll miss that glass half full, can-do attitude. But mostly, I’ll miss the snark. Congratulations on your next adventure, Campion."

I wanted higher social media engagement, so I started posting selfies and Elon Musk offered to buy my Twitter account to stop me. Guess I have a face for blogging.

Steve Campion perform high water rescue near The Heights on Studemont
Steve Campion does weddings

Campion arrived at Houston's channel 13 in 2014 from NBC2 News WBBH and ABC7 WZVN Fort Myers, Florida.

Before WBBH, Campion was an MMJ for WCJB/TV20 News Gainesville, FL.

The University of Florida grad interned at WTVJ NBC Miami in 2009.


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