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Friday, October 22, 2021

Stephen Morgan talks FOX Weather and FOX 26

Stephen Morgan

Stephen Morgan is jumping from FOX 26 KRIV Houston meteorologist to the national stage with FOX Weather which debuts this Monday, October 25th.

You will be able to catch the free streaming service through its website at, its own app, plus Internet enabled televisions on FOX NOW, FOX News's app and Tubi.

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Houston TV viewers will remember that when he arrived in Houston, Morgan joined FOX 26 as an anchor/reporter.  

Now what Morgan had tucked away that most anchors do not is a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Meteorology.  

His specialized degree from Saint Louis University came in handy when he was asked to do fill-in weather one weekend and the rest as they say is history.  Within a year, Morgan was promoted to the FOX 26 weekend morning weather anchor.  

Morgan talked with me about his move to FOX Weather and his FOX 26 KRIV Houston memories.

Mike McGuff: I'll never forget when you filled-in on weather while a news reporter with FOX 26 KRIV. What is it like from that point to a few years later now about to become a national meteorologist on FOX Weather?

Stephen Morgan: It’s surreal. I feel incredibly lucky because my passion for weather moved me to Houston and now to New York. While I started as a reporter in Houston, I knew weather was going to be a major player in news coverage. I never anticipated joining FOX 26’s weather team, but the opportunity came at a perfect time.

MM:  Are you glad now that you started using your meteorological degree again?

SM: Very much so. I remember a Meteorologist who was a mentor of mine cautioning me to stay in the “weather department” and never go over to the news side. However, I value my time reporting in the field immensely. Telling stories connected me with people. I was able to leave the studio and learn from the communities that make Houston a great, diverse city. And I was often reporting on the effects weather was directly having on people’s lives. Many of those stories, I’ll never forget. When the option to fill-in for weather on that weekend night arrived though, I couldn’t say no. Weather has always been my passion. I was better equipped for the task thanks to my time covering the city on the ground. 

MM:  What is it you are looking forward to most when FOX Weather premieres?

SM: Finding a job where I’m immersed in weather has always been my dream. With FOX Weather, it’s now a reality. It’s also exciting that FOX Weather will have the unique ability to reach people who don’t have (or want) cable TV, but still want to stay up-to-date on the weather. Streaming is not the future anymore…it’s the present!

MM:  What are a few of your favorite memories at channel 26?

SM: I enjoyed working weekends with Denise Middleton! And before Denise, there was Rashi Vats & Deneige Broom. We had so much fun (sometimes too much fun) — but let’s be honest, who likes waking up at 3AM on Saturdays & Sundays? You gotta make the most of it!

I was also proud of KRIV’s coverage of Hurricane Harvey. During one of the worst events in the city’s history, I was honored to be part of a team striving to tell people’s stories and show the world what was happening. 

MM:  What will you miss most about Houston?

SM:  I lived in Houston for more than four years and it became my home. I met so many great people and also met the man I’m going to marry. Fortunately, I’m not missing him (Steven Romo) since he’s joined me in the Big Apple, but I do miss the kind people & good eats in Houston. Petition to bring more TexMex restaurants to NYC!

MM:  Anything else you want to add?

SM:  I learned so much from my time in Houston, about people, storytelling and forecasting (the February Freeze comes to mind). But I also learned a lot about myself and what drives me. Informing people about the weather has always been my passion and thanks to my time in the Bayou City, I’m better prepared to talk about the weather nationwide. 

Stephen Morgan FOX Weather

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