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Friday, October 22, 2021

Britta Merwin talks FOX Weather and KPRC memories


Britta Merwin FOX Weather

Britta Merwin is returning to the weather wall as a national meteorologist when FOX Weather debuts Monday, October 25th.

The free streaming service will be available on, its app, plus web connected TVs via FOX NOW, the FOX News app and Tubi.

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Based on the reaction I received from Houston TV viewers when Merwin signed off from KPRC 2 mornings last May, I'm sure FOX Weather will have lots of Britta fans tuning in.

Now that Merwin is in New York City and ready to start the FOX Weather stream, she was gracious enough to talk with me about her new Big Apple gig and KPRC 2 Houston memories.

Mike McGuff: Forecasting weather on a national platform like FOX Weather is returning to your roots on cable news.  How is it going back to national from local TV after all of these years?

Britta Merwin: I always felt that national and local news are like apples and oranges, I love them both but they are different. I love how I can stretch my forecast muscles when I’m working on a national platform. I get to forecast every type of weather and there never is a quiet weather day. At the same time I also love local news. You get to really dive deep into every forecast and above all you get to be a part of a community. When I worked Tax Day, both Memorial Days, The Winter blast of 2021 and Harvey I was protecting my neighbors, my family, my community. It is a profound experience to work through a natural disaster with your community. I feel extremely blessed that I have had the opportunity to work both in local news and national news and I am very honored to have a second opportunity to work at the network level.

MM: What are you looking forward to most when FOX Weather premieres?

BM: I’m beyond excited to launch FOX Weather! We truly are changing how people get their forecast and weather news. It is incredible to work with a team built with the best of the best. I can’t wait for people to see our App and find themselves depending on our team every day. Speaking of our team, they truly are the best of the best. We come from different cities, combining our strengths. I’m proud to be a part of America’s weather team.

MM: What are a few of your favorite memories at channel 2?

BM: I will always cherish my time at KPRC2. My favorite memories are all the memorable moments with my friends. I remember getting through the hard times and celebrating life’s greatest moments like when Owen Conflenti and I welcomed babies days apart from one another at the same hospital! I will always remember working through Harvey with Khambrel Marshall. We started every 12 hour shift saying a prayer together. My favorite memories are my team mates. My favorite intern, Caroline Brown. My big brother Justin. And then there is Frank...the walking expert. I learned so much from Frank. I could go on forever. Andy, Lisa, Anavid, Haley, Sofia, Cathy, Brittany, Brandon, My dear friend Amy. They were my family and I’m thankful for each day I had and still have with them in my life.

MM: What will you miss most about Houston?

BM: The people, the food and every Winter I will dearly miss my flip flops and shorts!

MM: How cool is it that your former KPRC colleague Eric Braate practically works across the street from FOX Weather?

BM:  It is Amazing! Eric Braate (WNBC 4) is a close friend and an incredible Meteorologist. We have already had lunch a couple times and it is surreal walking down 6th Ave seeing his smiling face looking back at me.

MM: Anything else you want to add?

BM: The best part of launching FOX Weather is I can rejoin my community in Southeast Texas. Follow me on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Britta Merwin signs off KPRC 2 video
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Britta Merwin joins KPRC 2 as meteorologist (2014)

Britta Merwin
(Photos provided to by FOX Weather)

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