Sunday, June 20, 2021

Collin Myers appears on FOX 26 Houston weather

Collin Myers, the former abc13 KTRK meteorologist, has resurfaced this weekend on FOX 26 KRIV's weather wall.

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What's amazing is that Myers, a usually prolific social media poster, has not mentioned his channel 26 Houston weather work, other than changing his Facebook profile photos.  Even that does not really reveal he is in the FOX 26 studios though.

Myers's Facebook followers were also confused by his lack of posting about his FOX 26 appearance.  

Thanks to my reader Gregory who emailed me about it. 

Since Myers has not been added to the KRIV bios website page, and there has been no real announcement about a hire, this could be freelance work, or maybe a try out. Word on the street is the FOX Owned Television Station is about to lose a meteorologist. 

Being that this is a Sunday and Father's Day, I don't think we will get any official answers today about Myers's surprise return to Houston television weather.

Myers joined abc13 KTRK in 2017 after two years with KEYE Austin.

He got to be a contestant on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' before the long-running game show was cancelled (video embedded above).

In the summer of 2020, Myers disappeared from the channel 13 airwaves and we learned he left the station in September along with Deborah Wrigley and Bob Slovak

Myers was recently married so a congratulations is in order.

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