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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Where is Collin Myers?

Collin Myers exits abc13 KTRK

Where is abc13 KTRK weekend morning meteorologist Collin Myers? TV viewers want to know!

This morning, my inbox and socials were full of questions from loyal newscast viewers of abc13 KTRK's Collin Meyers asking where the heck the weekend morning meteorologist has been lately?

They want to know has Myers left the Disney/ABC owned Houston television station?

Myers' fans tell me they noticed he has not been on channel 13's airwaves as of late.

They have also seen that he's changed his social media names and bios to remove any mention of abc13 or KTRK.

Well, Myers still has a bio on the abc13 KTRK anchor news team bios page.

In years past, if channel 13 has an anchor, reporter or meteorologist's bio on its website, that on air talent still is technically employed with the station.

Covering the weather this morning in place of Myers was meteorologist Kevin Roth.

Stay tuned.

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Collin Myers exits abc13 KTRK

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