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Friday, July 17, 2020

Houston TV has most famous bug in mouth reporter...but there are others

I don't have to tell you that Houston has the most famous bug in mouth television news reporters of all time - FOX 26 KRIV Isiah Factor: Uncensored host Isiah Carey.

The above video has racked up 4.5 million views. To compare numbers, Harris County had a population of 4,698,619 residents as of July 1, 2018.

"I was walking along Hollywood Boulevard in LA one night while covering Empire and out of the blue two Californians came up to me [and] asked if I was the bug reporter," Carey told in 2015. "They were so excited and asked to take pictures. A third person also approached me in Los Angeles that same night with the same question. That video gets new life every month."

- Isiah Carey's mural
- Two Houston TV reporters remixed by famed PBS remixer

But other TV news reporters are also having their own insect fights on camera.

Take KVUE Austin reporter, anchor & digital producer, Pattrik Perez who had his own TV bug battle this week!

Perez's tweet led to WNBC New York reporter Adam Harding sharing is own encounter.

Then Ian Pirich shared this moment.

You never know where the annoying moment will take you.

Carey told me he was originally upset when the old KARK 4 Little Rock, Arkansas video surfaced in the early days of YouTube. Now he embraces it, which has put him on the cover of The Houston Press and all the way to a guest spot on Comedy Central's TOSH.0.

"It's a badge of honor now because it allows people to see me as a regular person just like them...a person who could also lose it from time to time," Carey told me.

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