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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Houston TV reporters remixed by famed PBS remixer

Two Houston TV reporters have been remixed! And it's by the guy that has added beats to Mr. Rogers, Julia Child and Bob Ross for PBS. Former KTRK 13 reporter Thom Dickerson and internationally famous "Bug in Mouth" superstar Fox 26 KRIV reporter Isiah Carey, AKA The Insite, are both the stars of this latest media mix.

Did KPRC traffic reporter meltdown on live TV?

But *HERE IS A WARNING,* this new Houston related video is called "WTF" for a reason so it is NSFW, but a very catchy tune.

Symphony of Science's John D. Boswell, the man behind the music, told me he thinks he found both clips on Reddit.

"I often save funny clips I come across on YouTube for potential remixing later, and sometimes two or more videos will be similar and conducive to combining into one remix, which was the case with these two reporters," Boswell who also goes by melodysheep told "Not only did they have similar mannerisms, but they were very passionate and excited which makes for good remix material."

The very old clip of Dickerson has been making rounds (fast forward to 2:30 to see Dickerson) on YouTube blooper channels for about a year it seems. Clearly, this video never aired on TV, but must have been recorded while waiting for a live shot or stand-up taping. What we do know is that someone obviously held on to this rant on tape for many years.

Another tape that has landed Isiah Carey AKA The Insite on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel and given him Facebook fan pages in Europe, was video shot in 1996 while Carey was doing stand-ups at a former station.

So the lesson is, all of those blooper tapes that stations have sitting on dusty shelves across America, are ripe for YouTube video views. Be careful out there in front of a camera.

Of course Isiah Carey is still is on Fox 26 with his own segment. Dickerson went on to do the outdoors/sportsman beat for KTRK and then went on to work at HISD.

As for Boswell, his TV remixes have given him quite a bit of fame too. His work has been featured on NPR, Wired, The Scientist, Attack of the Show and many other media sites.

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