Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Did KPRC reporter meltdown on live TV?

YouTube comedian John Crist's latest funny look at television news uses Houston's KPRC 2 in his recent video "Traffic Reporter Melts Down on Live TV."

The premise is no one watches TV newscasts for current traffic reports.

What Crist might not realize is that now passed-away, former KTRK reporter Thom Dickerson, created this Houston traffic meme (NSFW), before we knew what a meme was...many, many years ago!

Now, you have to hand it to Crist though, he has reprinted the KPRC 2 microphone flag, is wearing a KPRC 2 Houston branded vest and has carefully recreated KPRC on screen graphics.

At the same time, he is pretending to be channel 2's real traffic anchor Anavid Reyes.  They don't exactly look alike!

He used an actual KPRC anchor intro with Kris Gutierrez and Dominique Sachse.  While Gutierrez's voice is real, Sachse's voice has been dubbed over by someone else. This is actually to work in a joke later in the video when he is pretending to talk to  Sachse from the field.

Houstonians will laugh at the fact that johnbcrist immediately refers to I-24.  That interstate actually runs through the Midwestern and Southeastern US...nowhere near Texas.

We can assume the video was shot on I-24 in Nashville, TN and near Haywood Lane (Exit 57) which shows up in b-roll at the end. 

Previously the comedian pretended to be a "weatherman" melting down on Denver7 KMGH.  After this week, he can now do one of these videos for Texas TV.

And if you like this type of thing, I recently wrote about another online comedian who did a similar piece with Arby's and KPRC sister-station WDIV Detroit in "We Dem Arby's BoyZ."

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