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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Chauncy Glover adds 6:30pm news duties

Chauncy Glover is a news anchor on the rise. We've watched him start the 3pm newscast and now he is also anchoring the 6:30pm newscast.

Chauncy Glover leaves abc13 Houston

"HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! New Year, New time slot! Kicking of 2020 with my new partner in crime ABC13-Ilona Carson. Catch us Monday-Friday on ABC13 at 6:30. (Yes, I’ll still be on at 3 getting your afternoons started) God is so good! I pray hard, work hard, show up ...and HE does the rest! Love you Houston!"

I told you this was coming way back in 2018 when Glover debuted the channel 13 3pm newscast:

What I can guess is that news director Wendy Granato has high hopes for the Glover and Moreno anchor team. Considering the attention, that especially Glover has been receiving, are we seeing the future main anchors move up through the Eyewitness News ranks? The 3pm today, the 6pm and 10pm news in the future?

OK, I didn't say 6:30pm, but I was close!

So, does this mean that now 6:30pm anchor, Erik Barajas, will move to the 6pm show with Gina Gaston and still continue to anchor the 10pm too?

Barajas has been hanging out in LA with late night ABC host Jimmy Kimmel (Baba Booey) as of late.

Here is my plea to Barajas, no matter how much Kimmel tells him using broadcast tones in his story is a good idea, DON'T DO IT!

If Barajas moves to the 6pm, the Glover domino effect also puts Art Rascon on the 11am and Live at Five only? Right?

Stay tuned my friend.

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