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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Grego joins 95.7 The Spot KKHH

Grego posted on Facebook 2/4/19 is the date he starts his new chapter at 95.7 The Spot.

After CW39 KIAH's NewsFix, Grego returns to radio at 95.7 The Spot KKHH

Grego in my upcoming 101 KLOL documentary

Legendary Rock 101 KLOL DJ Greg "Grego" Onofrio lets us know he is going back to his radio roots after his television news career at CW39 KIAH.

Grego has been named the first ever air talent and brand ambassador for Houston’s 95.7 The Spot KKHH.

"This gig feels like a blessing to me, especially after being summarily dismissed from Newsfix by Tribune after nearly eight years from a show viewers loved along with upwards of 50 of my coworkers in September," Grego told "Though it was a good run, and the company did what it could to make the transition a little less painful for us all which was nice of them."

As you might realize, Grego is joining a radio station that has been famous for having no on air talent. Well, Entercom radio certainly chose its first DJ who has a reputation for breaking the rules.

"Back in the day at Rock 101 KLOL, I broke the mold for what traditional nighttime Rock radio in America sounded like with the launch of Outlaw Radio, and it makes me proud that Entercom chose me as the host of 95.7 The Spot and its equally groundbreaking and innovative music format that I absolutely love," Grego told me.

Grego recalls Outlaw Radio origins

In fact, he'll be down the hallway from his old station as Mega 101 KLOL is now owned by Entercom too.

The Spot, which plays classic adult hits, probably has former Rock 101 KLOL listeners since its playlist would touch upon songs played by the infamous Album Oriented Rocker (AOR).

And for those of you who miss Grego on your screens...don't worry...he is in my upcoming 101 KLOL documentary. Go check out the site for more where you can join the email list or follow the progress on Twitter and Facebook.

"This opportunity allows me to continue to work with other great local broadcast pros and of course entertain the outstanding Houston listeners who 30 years ago welcomed me with open arms to the city I love and my adopted hometown," Grego added. "It’s Texas radio baby! Set your radio preset now if you haven’t already to 95.7 The Spot and come along for the ride! THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!"

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