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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eric Braate honored in 2018 HAIRRY Awards

KPRC 2 meteorologist Eric Braate is runner up for Texas in 2018 HAIRRY Awards: "The HAIRRY-Awards are the most prestigious awards in local news. Yes, Emmys are nice to have, but you haven’t made it until you’ve received a HAIRRY."

Everyone makes fun of me when I post about the TV news HAIRRY Awards, but then it is usually a popular post.

Can you beat the marketing department that gives the awards the url

It also gives us regular folks the chance to vicariously live through those TV stars with luxurious locs.

This year, Houston did not have a winner that made the cut, but we had a runner up which is good enough for me.

And the runner up is...

...KPRC 2 meteorologist Eric Braate!

It turns out I was the lucky one to break the news to Braate of the tremendous honor.

"Thanks for bringing this to my attention, this is too funny," Braate told "After forecasting weather for nearly two decades, I’m FINALLY! And, to be clear, the award is for having good HAIR, right? All I can say is that I’m honored and, in some strange way, I feel like my life is now complete."

I've been covering Braate's career for a decade on this blog. He joined channel 2 in 2007. Then left for mornings at sister-station WDIV in Detroit.

I would like to think he realized everything is better in Texas, and got back down here in 2012.

According to his bio, Braate landed his first TV job at WXVT Greenville, Mississippi. After earning his degree, he joined WJXT Jacksonville, Florida and then WITI Milwaukee before his first stint in H-Town.

The Texas winner of this year's hair raising award is KXAN Austin investigative reporter Josh Hinkle.

The Bayou City usually represents well.

KTRK abc13 anchor Erik Barajas took top hon-hairs in 2016. KHOU 11's Darby Douglas was the runner up that year. Former FOX 26 KRIV movie critic Jake Hamilton also won that year for Illinois.

In 2017, current WFAA anchor/reporter and former KTRK abc13 reporter Sonia Azad won for Texas.

Last year when I posted Azad's news, social media lit up with comments that "this is a sexist award." Little do people realize the HAIRRY Awards honor both sexes, just not at the same time.

Now excuse me.

All this good hair talk makes me feel like I should go put on a big hat.

Does anyone remember when punk rockers would use Elmer's Glue to style a mohawk? I just thought of this as I was typing. That could be a cool sweeps stunt this May! Any station looking to get that extra .1 can contact me and I will personally deliver my kids' glue container.

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